What 2012 Taught the Fashion Blogging Community

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With the impending apocalypse upon us (next week! yikes!), it seemed only natural to look back at this last year on earth and reflect on these past 12 months.


2012 could be summed up as the year that was full of sensory overload. Social media exploded, designers and online personalities fought for the spotlight and we were left with shortened-attention spans and a slight headache.


It wasn't all bad though. In fact, there were a few highs amongst the handful of lows and a ton of important lessons we all could learn from.


  • The fashion industry welcomes fresh perspectives. Whether it was the rebranding strategy at Saint Laurent (RIP YSL) or Alexander Wang's new Creative Director at Balenciaga, the fashion industry is embracing change in a big way. Tapping into a more youthful culture, these major shakeups at fashion houses signify the overall changes in consumer behavior and brand strategy. Which should be exciting for all of us.


  • If you aren't on social, you are missing out. More conversations and major developments were shared on social media than years before. From live-pinning to breaking news, social media became the newsroom.


  • If you aren't thinking about mobile, you will fall behind. You know all those articles we wrote about mobile? It's time to brush up on your mobile savviness because more and more users are turning to mobile for shopping and news. With the amount of mobile users growing each month, we think that every fashion blogger needs to sit down and think about how they can disseminate their blog content to their mobile readers. There's a huge market out there, waiting for you.


  • Attitude is everything. Many bloggers were profiled in major publications this year and some were not looked at too kindly. Regardless of what was said in these articles, it became very clear that the stereotypes about bloggers are still very prevalent in society and that how you are perceived can hurt your business. How you carry yourself and how you treat others has never been more important. After all, your attitude is a reflection of your brand. If all eyes are on you, don't you want to put your best foot forward?


  • If you don't evolve, you are dead. This was a hard lesson for brands and bloggers as 2012 was a year full of growing pains. As readers' attention spans started to shorten due to the sheer amount of information being shared online, the need for fresher, more quality became clear. Content became less about “me” and more about “you”. The more successful bloggers saw this and reacted quickly. Because they anticipated the needs of their readers, they were able to update their content accordingly.


What have you learned this year? Anything that we should add to the list?



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10 Responses

  1. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    I started my blog a year ago and the last 6 months are like a whirlwind – I started networking, attending events in San Francisco, did my first collaboration, “borrowed” clothes & jewelry for the first time, started personal style posts, and – most surprisingly for me – I started Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram accounts. I can’t believe how much has changed this year, let alone the last few months.

    Can’t wait to see what happens in post-apocalyptic 2013!

  2. kittycat

    “As readers’ attention spans started to shorten due to the sheer amount of information being shared online, the need for fresher, more quality became clear”


    Fresher, more quality?

    I want to take you guys seriously, but honestly you sound like a bunch of amateurs. My advice: start publishing professional content. That’s something IFB should have learned from 2012.

  3. Nadine

    I completely agree with point one and two. Point three is something I definitely have to work on the next year. In another article on IFB it said that it is impossible to get it all done in the first year. Another helpful advice.Thanks to IFB I have grown so much and learned, what I wouldn’t have thought was possible. Your article also shows that yet the whole blogger and brand relation is so new, that there is no certain recipe or guideline yet, it is a new territory for everybody. About four and five: I don’t think that kind of conspirative talk -I am forced to see because I am connected on social media with plenty of other people – where for example people aren’t named, yet adressed with some issues – all this is not a good thing and may give the whole bloggersphere an unwanted touch and let it maybe sometimes not look so professional. I try my best to use my valuable ‘space’ not as an outlet for negative emotions, or my social media and if something that doesn’t seem to be positive need to be said, than for a better purpose like learning something out of it. Putting your readers in the front row is absolutely agreed that it is a necessity!
    Thank you IFB for being such an incredibly helpful source and sorry for the long comment – I am wishing you, the whole team and contributors a wonderful, half way relaxed and joyous Christmas time and a good and strong start into the New Year! (- and I’m looking forward to the next year!!)
    Nadine from the Flamboyante

  4. Sabina

    Very helpful tips, and in the coming year I hope to be able to give the people what they want, so to speak, though for some reason that seems to be harder to figure out when it comes to illustration blogs, rather than ones more rooted in word content. Any suggestions? 🙂


  5. Martha

    Things I’ve learnt about blogging: That you have to be active in marketing your blog and participate in the blogging community, It’s not enough to write great content, hit publish and then wait for readers to come to you. You have to gain as much exposure as you can.

  6. Theresa Moore

    I have seen a lot of people make an effort to discuss and write about this subject…and i have seen a lot of failures…but you have hit the nail on the HEAD.

  7. Zamri

    “Content became less about “me” and more about “you”.” I kinda disagree about this. The more I wrote about ‘me’ I got massive hit, rather than I just put on pict of a product from the net. Yet, the best thing is all about balance, I guess. You can write more about ‘me’ (i.e. yourself) but at the same time tell something about ‘you’ (which is the product too). Then it’ll be such a great storyline! 🙂

  8. Althea

    Very informative IFB…thank you. I started blogging 2 months ago http://ww.tiaswayxo.blogspot.com and I’ve noticed that the reader wants to see pieces that will work in there day to day life. They want to learn something new or figure a way how to wear clothing that will flatter their body. They come to us for inspiration and style ideas.
    So definitely looking forward to giving my readers what they subscribe to see. Good quality, information, advice and my honest reviews! Good luck all!

    Always living,loving and styling,
    Tia’s Way…xo