Daily Dose of Inspiration: There’s Power in Looking Silly

sarah tolzmann note to self

 Loosen up, have fun and forget what the others say.


This time of year, I think that loosening up and having fun is the rule, not the exception. And who better to give us this morning's daily inspiration than IFB's favorite lady, Amy Poehler?! After a weekend spent at holiday parties where everyone was trying to impress, this quote from Sarah's Note to Self blog really hit a nerve with me.

Forget about trying to stay cool or impressing others and let your hair down. Because those who love and respect you won't care and those who do? Well, they never really mattered that much. Your friends and readers appreciate your realness, your quirkiness, not your ability to remain stoic or ultra posed.


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.

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  1. Marlene @ chocolatecookiesandcandies

    How true! After a conversation with a couple of ladies who attend every Fashion Week, I decided to fool around in front of the camera. I can’t pose to save my life but thought it’d be fun to do a parody of streetstyle poses that are commonly seen during the Fashion Week. I never thought it would garner so much attention. I looked like an idiot but hey, it was fun 🙂