IFB Poll: How Do You Make Most of Your Blogging Money?

As a fashion blogger, diversifying your revenue stream is important when you're running your site as a business. You want to have different sources, whether it's a combination of an e-shop, banner ads and affiliate links or sponsored content and personal styling services – you get the idea.

What's so interesting about our fashion blogging community is that different revenue streams prove more successful on different types of blogs, and what might work for one site may not work so well for another, because of who their audience is, what the author is interested in or the blog's specific niche.

We want to know what money-making efforts have proved the most successful for you as a blogger. Please vote in our poll and add your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Danimezza (@Danimezza)

    I wish you’d do an official survey on this exact topic rather than just a poll. I think it would be more useful and a great resource and maybe a reality check for some newbies.