Monetize & Merchandise: Build Your Blog Business with Chloe+Isabel

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This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry brand that aims to help women build their resume and earn income by running their own boutique fashion jewelry business.


When you start to think about developing your blog into a business, there are a few of obvious choices for earning income: brand partnerships, banner ads and affiliate links. We don’t always think about the other ways to monetize – ways that are potentially both more personal for your reader-turned-customer and more lucrative for you.

Think about your network of friends, family and followers, both in real life and online. They come to you because they trust you and love your sense of style. Running an e-shop, online boutique or pop-up shop in conjunction with your blog encourages that network to shop from you right from the beginning.

While building up a shop from scratch can be costly and time-consuming, partnering with a brand or company as a merchandiser and salesperson streamlines that process. Much like owning a franchise of a store, you’re running (and profiting from) your own store with a pre-existing inventory, customer base and business model.

Why e-boutiques and pop-up shops are a good idea for fashion bloggers:


As an aspiring (or established) fashion blogger, you’re constantly cultivating your social networks, promoting your site, driving traffic and sharing your style. As a merchandiser of an online boutique, you’re channeling that same skill set into a business model with big rewards.

By running a shop you’re gaining sales experience working with a reputable brand, which will bode well for pitching yourself for future projects. It also helps create a culture of shopping on your blog, one that has an authentic feel with an upfront approach. This way, monetization becomes a part of your blog business from the beginning, not as an afterthought once you get going.

Becoming a merchandiser and running your own boutique is an example of not waiting for brands or advertisers to start building your business. This way, you take your business and a potential career as a salesperson, a curator of style and a merchandiser into your own hands.

Jewelry brand Chloe + Isabel offers an opportunity for entrepreneurial young women by empowering them to become merchandisers of their own online boutiques and trunks shows.

Chloe and Isabel: How do you become a merchandiser?


You can apply online to become a merchandiser, and acceptance is based on available opportunities in the area where you live. Chloe + Isabel merchandisers embody many of the traits that make bloggers so successful: they’re tastemakers, fashionistas, socially savvy online and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Merchandisers create and customize their own online jewelry boutiques and in-person boutique businesses (much like a trunk show), and earn a 30% commission on all their sales, plus credits for free jewelry and gain access to C + I’s digital workspace to connect, communicate and create using their next-generation online social selling and marketing tools.

Whether your sweet spot is in jewelry, accessories, apparel or something else – taking an entrepreneurial approach to monetizing your blog right from the start can have fantastic benefits for bloggers. You'll hone your skills as an entrepreneur and an online marketer in the fashion e-commerce space.

Learn more about becoming a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser here.

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8 Responses

  1. Julia

    This is a fabulous idea but would it make sense for an up-and-coming blog to partake?

    Julia of Canines & Couture

    • Jennine Jacob

      It’s a great time for an up and coming blog to partake, that way you can build your readership around your business model! Better that than going through the awkward time of starting to monetize and being scared about what your readers would think.

  2. Travelle

    This was my driving motivation for developing my blog. I love the idea behind retailing the brands that I love. It will require a lot of work as a sole/dual proprietorship, but it will be so worth it.

  3. Katherine

    I became a C + I merchandiser for this exact reason! I’m a fairly new merchandiser, but I’ve found promoting my C + I business through my blog to be quite a seamless process, plus the jewelry makes for great detail shots in my outfit posts 🙂

    Feel free to check out my e-boutique:


  4. Theresa Moore

    I savored reading it. I need to read more on this subject…I am admiring the time and effort you put in your blog, because it is apparently one great place where I can find lot of usable info..