12 Questions for your Blog Developer

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Last week, we talked about finding services that will help you launch your WordPress blog. Hopefully you were able to find a host or program that got your blog up and running. This week, we're going to dig just a little deeper into the blog development world. No, we're not going to make you get all code-crazy. But we do want you to be prepared for the time when you are basically running your entire blog on your own or when you are turning to a developer for help.

Whether it's for a quick fix or a more on-going consultation, speaking with a blog developer can be one of the most intense conversations you have. Why? Because if you aren't familiar with their lingo and jargon, you will walk away feeling like a total fool and with the world's biggest migraine.

Instead, jot down these questions and see what you should be asking your blog developer, whenever that conversation may take place:


1. What is your maintenance policy?
2. How quickly can you respond to a problem?
3. If I decide to work with someone else in the future, will you be able to hand over a log of what changes you have made to my site?
4. Who do I contact if the website goes down?
5. What security settings do I have on my blog i.e. security plugin, anti-spam filters?
6. Where is the best place can I test my blog's page loading time?
7. What is my blog's RSS feed?
8. What do I do if I run out of storage? Is there someone I should contact?
9. Can you set up an email for my blog?
10. How can I back up my blog just in case?
11. Is there a way to add ad space to my blog? Do I need widgets or customize my CSS?
12. Is my blog compatible with all Internet browsers?


Whether you are getting a blog in the future or are thinking about doing it all on your own, make sure you have these questions answered and stored where you can find it. You never know when your computer will delete your login information or your blog server crashes.


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  1. Heidi/The Closet Coach

    Re: question #12 — you’ll need to be more specific with your developer. “All browsers” is a pretty big bucket. Do you really care if your site runs on Opera, for example? (Maybe you do, but check your site analytics first; are any of your visitors actually using it?)

    And which versions of those browsers? IE, for example, is now up to version 9 and Firefox is at 17.0.1.

    And which operating systems? There are a lot of flavors of Windows out there (Vista, 7, 8, even XP).

    A good developer will help you make smart choices about your browser compatibility set and then test your WordPress theme design in all of them before implementing it.

  2. .

    I do web design and re-design blogs (mostly blogspot based though). I don’t think all of those questions concern your web designer. 4 and 8, to be exact. If your blog is already hosted on wordpress, those issues depend on them and they should be contacted. All in all, great tips! Clients need to know what they want before any work is done. The better you explain your vision, the better your blog is going to look like in the end!
    http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx