Daily Dose of Inspiration: Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

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Let personal growth, not perfection, be what you aim for.

Let this be a memo to all fashion bloggers out there – perfection should NOT be your ultimate goal. It's unrealistic, and quite frankly, boring. Your readers want to see your real life, not a catalog or fairytale. Your imperfections, your flaws make you who you are and once you start embracing them instead of denying them, you will stop being your own worst enemy. Focus on how you grow, look back and see what you've learned. You'll get more satisfaction from that than perfection.


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.

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3 Responses

  1. Kory

    I think this is great advice! It’s hard in the blogging world to not be concerned with perfection, so I think this is incredibly important.

  2. Melanie Fontaine

    Great quote! I definitly know that I sometimes strive to hard to make everything on my blog perfect, when in reality it only keeps me from creating great content. I need to keep this in mind!