Your Ultimate “Big Picture” Editorial Calendar for 2013

“This year is going to be different!”

How many times have you said that, come January first? I know I say it every year. I love that clean slate feeling you get when, even though things are basically just continuing as planned, you can mentally press the “restart” button on your life.

I've tried many different resolutions and goals in my day, from work to health, cultural adventures and social commitments. This year, I'm channeling my refreshed and renewed motivation into my blog. Specifically, taking a more tactical and thoughtful approach to my editorial calendar. I want to outline where my content is going, what goals I have and create a realistic and inspiring guide I can (and want!) to follow.

How to get started:


Make it visual. We bloggers are highly visual, so seeing your year right in front of your eyes can really help you picture the plans you are making. Whether that means creating a spreadsheet, a slideshow of month-to-month notes or using a hanging wall calendar, put it somewhere you will be reminded to look at it often, and somewhere easy to get to. Add images, use bold colors, do whatever you can to make your editorial calendar appealing, motivational and fun.

Look at your stats. Part of planning your future comes from understanding your past. Take some time to review your posts, browse your archives and refresh your memory of all you have accomplished since you began your blog. Pick out favorite posts and put their URLs somewhere you can always find them. Next, get into your analytics and look for clues as to what your audience wants. What search terms have the highest click through rates? Where do most of your readers live? Which posts did the best, and which ones had the most comments?

Set goals. What do you want for yourself and your blog in 2013? Figure out the direction you see your blog going, visualize it in your mind's eye, then write it down. Make a list, make a vision board – whatever you need to help keep your goals always in front of you and present in your mind as you work on your site.

How to break down your blogging year:


The Year. Whoa. That sounds big, doesn't it? Pick a goal you see yourself achieving or surpassing by December 2013! Will you double your traffic? Will you post 5 days a week? Set up check-in times for yourself throughout the year, to assess where you're at in your journey to achieving these goals. It's helpful to start big, and work your way down into the specifics.

Seasons. Mark on your calendar where different seasons begin and end. Make notes about when you want to start talking about different seasonal topics. Look what kinds of seasonally themed posts have been historically successful for you in the past. What will resonate with your readers? Trend predictions? Shopping ideas? Editorials from magazines?

Each Month. How many posts will you do each month? Do you have any timely series you might run during a specific month? Giveaways planned? Projects with brands? Schedule these out so you can see clearly where to fill in more content or block out time to execute and promote. You might even want to think about giving each month a loose theme, like magazines do.

Holidays: Mark official holidays, as well as when their “season” begins, so you can be on top of posting for those times. When will you begin posting gift guides? What about 4th of July recipes or party ideas? Leaving yourself notes to think and plan ahead will ensure you don't miss the boat on timely content that readers (and search engines) love.

Weekly: It's next to impossible to know every single thing you will post in the next year, but if you have different series or themed posts you run on specific days of the week — note them! You can fill in specifics as the dates draw closer, but having a framework will free up more creativity and energy to attend to details.

 Personal plans: Don't forget about your life! Be sure to note important days, vacations, travel plans, weddings, birthdays and more so that you can properly enjoy them without missing a beat on you blog.

Will you create an editorial calendar for 2013? What are some of your goals?


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11 Responses

  1. Emilia

    This reminds me to finish my calendar of topics for 2013 for our fashion jewellery blog we have just launched here in Australia as part of our new online store.

  2. Sistah Hollywood

    This guide is definitely helpful and will be a bookmarked doc for 2013 and beyond. Developing a plan is “easy”, sticking to it and being consistent is where I need to improve.

  3. Incognito

    The more I blog the more I see I am not so interested in high fashion eventhough following it also enables me to construct my thoughts for my next articles to come. I came to understand that I was more interested in emerging designers and asian fashion, since one of my article on asian fashion seemed to please a lot of people I started working with asian retailers, which I still can believe that happened !
    So I will create an editorial calendar having these two things in mind. I wish I could open more my readers’ mind to other type of fashion and since I was given the opportunity, why not grabbing it ?! I have seen big changes on the blog since I had set a weekly calendar that you can find on my about page. Readers have their favourite days for fashion, culture, photography or music. Since I put this weekly calendar the line is definitely clearer. I think that weekly calendar is also what enabled me to start working with brands because they see my blog as more professional because of it. My mind is not yet ready to think monthly or yearly but I really should give it a try since the result of having a weekly calendar is now visible after months ! So thank you for this article !

    Shug Avery of Incognito

  4. Kory

    Hmm.. this is a great thing to think about. I had never thought of having an overall goal for the year and working to that all year long. I think I planned so much for this month on the blog that I’m flat out of ideas for after the new year, too. Doing this will take a lot of thinking, but I’m definitely going to try it out!

  5. Sarah

    Dear Taylor Davies,
    This is great stuff! I’ve been reading all your posts about editorial calendars and such and it’s really helping me to plan out my blog. I knew I needed to organize everything somehow but I never really knew how, so thanks for this advice!


    • Shayna

      Sarah – I totally agree with you! I never even thought about editorial calendars when I first started my blog, but as time goes by, organization really is the key! It is amazing to me how much people in general run on schedules! 🙂


  6. Armand

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, I make goals for life and work and not prepping a calendar for my blog. Your tips make total sense.