What We Want to See From the Fashion Blogging Community in 2013


Now is the time of year when we all start making plans and goals for the coming year. Where do we want our blogs to go, what steps can we take to get there? We have goals for IFB of course, but more importantly, we're excited to see where our whole community is headed in 2013. We can't to see how our diverse collective of individuals will continue to push our industry forward as a whole.

7 Things We Want to See From the Blogging Community in 2013


1. More meaningful engagement with one another. Through forums, conferences, meet ups and events, we would love to see the blogging community to continue to help, inspire and encourage each other and build strong relationships both on and offline.

2. A renewed commitment to quality content. Whether that means taking a writing or photography workshop, teaching yourself Photoshop or CSS coding — we want to keep the momentum of amazing content going into 2013, since this was truly an impressive year for fashion bloggers.

3. Fresh collaborative projects with brands. Sometimes it can feel like the relationships between brands and bloggers have gone a little stale – with the same types of projects and promotions. We hope 2013 brings more creative, successful and profitable collaborations for both sides.

4. Continued quality contributions to IFB. Through the user-generated content of the IFB Project and Links a la Mode, we've seen such tremendous growth and evolution in your submissions – and felt such pride in what all of you are doing. We hope to see so much more in the coming year, thank you for sharing it with us.

5. Ever-diversifying revenue streams. Blogging is still such a new business with so much growth potential that there's really no limit to how we can earn income. With affiliate links, banner ads and sponsored content currently occupying most of our monetizing efforts – what will be next?

6. Niche blogging dominance. When all is said and done, it will be a blogger's individuality and unique content that determines their success — at least, that's what we're striving for. There's room for everyone as the blogosphere grows, and more bloggers will shine as beacons of leadership and style with diversified and specialized niches.

7. More media. What can we say? We love seeing a little something different and quirky on fashion blogs – and think that the our community could use more amusement and creativity in the form of .gifs, videos, quizzes, music and more.

What do YOU want to see from the fashion blogging community in 2013?

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12 Responses

  1. Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn

    These are all awesome goals and I totally agree. I would love to see more quality original content and unique takes on typical posting. My personal goals include improving my photography, starting to offer graphic design and coding services. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store (that is if the world doesn’t end tomorrow :P)


  2. Cynthia

    I want to see fewer obviously sponsored posts and rehashes of press releases from fashion/beauty bloggers. While I understand that’s how one works with brands, usually, it can get rather annoying quickly because I can tell that it isn’t really the opinion of the blogger.

    For the record, I have a no pay-to-post policy for my blogs. In other words, I will not accept money to write for a brand, especially if they refuse to send me samples. If a company wants to pay me, they can place an ad or a gift card/coupon to redeem for product. No touch/no trial, no post.


    #1 reminds me of how I wished I’d been more social at the IFB Conference in September. It was more of a personal journey for me, as I was considering a move to NYC and was also just kicking off my blog. (I still had an amazing time!) Here in my city of Milwaukee, I’m very engaged and networked into the fashion and music community. I hope to be able to do the same as I branch out into the fashion blogging community.

    Happy New Year to you all!


  4. arash_mazinani

    My personal goal is to improve my photography I want to really push the camera on my phone to see what it’s capable of.

  5. MonicaP

    I was giving this a good ‘think’ yesterday and decided that what I’d like to see in 2013 are more photo’s with interesting backgrounds. I am fairly bored with OOTD or any outfit taken in the same spot. I am sooo guilty of this as well. But when I think of totally amazing blogs .. the background or location is as interesting (to me) as the outfits.

    For the majority of us, we have jobs and our ‘camera men’ are our boyfriend/partner/spouses so we don’t have this incredible opportunity to get away from our home locations before heading to our real jobs.

    Anyway, .. I hope in 2013 .. fashion-istas will venture further than their back porch for photos.


  6. .

    First and foremost, for me, would be quality content and meaningful networking! I hope everyone take these advices and make something out of them for their blogs. I sure will do! May we all have a very successful blogging year ahead of us, guys! Thanks IFB for the wonderful guides and taking such good care of the community, I’m sure everyone appreciate it as much as I am. And happy holidays!
    minnie @ http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com

  7. Maria von Losch

    Love all the the points mentioned and agree especially in getting back to quality content — what resonates with your personality or brand? Get more creative with outfits posts by maybe dressing a friend instead of yourself. I personally want to do more how-to videos and photos of my wardrobe a la The Coveteur style. Happy Holidays and New Year!!
    xo, M

  8. Althea

    My resolution is to purchase a DSLR camera, take a writing and photography course. Next off, only publish good quality blog post; to stand out from the crowd by creating a niche; putting together an event here in London, UK where bloggers can meet, network and share resources with each other.
    In all, I hope my true fashion personality can come shining through, throughout my blog in the new year. Lastly, to focus more on content than on advertising. Happy New Year each and all!


  9. Vale

    I haven’t published my new year resolutions post yet but it’s already in my drafts folder, and two of my goals for new year are networking with other bloggers more and a better quality !
    Loved this post, happy New Year everyone !

    Fashion and Cookies