The 8 Must-Read Books for Your Holiday Vacation

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There is something about holiday vacation that makes us want to stock up on as many books as possible.


That poor, neglected stack of books that has been collecting dust all year long will be put to good use between the long hours on a plane and the downtime with family. While it might be tempting to dive into a somewhat guilty pleasure read (no judgment!) we think these 8 books might be a more blogger-friendly choice. Less sordid love triangles, more blogging tips and inspiration.


1. Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington: Spanning the 40-year career of Vogue‘s fiery Creative Director, this memoir is full of fashion inspiration. Learn more about one of our favorite fashion ladies and see why her tenacity and wittiness made her a formidable character in the fashion industry. Plus, who doesn't love hearing tidbits about her relationship with Vogue‘s EIC Anna Wintour?!


2. Online Community Management for Dummies: It's no secret that managing and growing your blogging community takes a lot of work. Sometimes, issues come up and you won't know how to handle them. Enter this guide to all things online community management. From spambots to lurkers to increased followings, this book covers it all and will help you get your community in fine form.


3. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown: Brown's book talks about how being vulnerable is actually one of the most brave and powerful things you could do, and why embracing this side will lead you to a more daring life. I've often felt that society tells us all to play it safe, but you know what? Playing it safe never gets you anywhere. You have to make bolder choices and open yourself up to the good, and the bad. This book is definitely a must-read and it's a quick one too.


4. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed: You'll laugh and cry reading Cheryl Strayed's book, at least that's what happened to me when I bought this book at the airport and proceeded to sob the entire flight home. It's honest, refreshing and downright bold. After reading it, you'll feel like you too can take on the world (and maybe the wilderness too).


5. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business by Charles Duhigg: It's time to shake yourself out of your routine and find a new path that might lead you to greater, bigger opportunities. From the personal insight to the success stories, you'll love this book, especially with the new year resolution season upon us.


6. I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections by Nora Ephron: It felt only write to include the legendary Nora Ephron's last book which is a look-back at her most memorable (or laughable) moments in life. This funny lady will truly be missed.


7. The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools and Strategies for Business Success by Lon Safko: If you are new to the social media world or are looking to get more strategic with your channels, this is your ultimate resource. Every question you could think of is answered and it makes for a good social media reference.


8. Blog, Inc: Blogging for Passion, Profit and to Create Community by Joy Deangdeelert Cho, Meg Mateo Ilasco, Grace Bonney: Written by blogging's first ladies, this book will show you how to create a blog that is fueled by your passion, fills a niche and is profitable. New and more experienced bloggers will find insight and personal experiences from the bloggers behind “Oh Joy” and “Design Sponge” and will walk away with a greater sense of blogging purpose and motivation.


To everyone traveling out there this weekend, be safe, stock up on these 8 reads and enjoy your travels!


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  1. Lauren

    Love this post! I am working in social media, along with working on my blog, so a lot of these books are PERFECT for me! Thanks so much!!

  2. Ana

    I just started reading “Blog, Inc.” to help me launch my own blog soon and I am loving it so far! Great tips and inspiration in there. Good pick!

  3. Sarah-Louise

    Love this post! I’m currently reading Grace’s book the woman is inspiring! Also reading – my best friend bought me it as I’ve talked about starting my own blog for so long and literally swear by IFB for tips! Needless to say the book has been a welcome addition 🙂 happy reading everyone!

  4. Jacquie

    What a great list! One of my new year’s resolutions is to become more strategic with my blog, so those last two titles are absolutely perfect. As always, thanks for the tips IFB.


  5. Reinaldo Irizarry

    Great books!

    I’ll go ahead and shamelessly plug my book, Style Protocol: A Style Guide Engineered for Modern Men. The ultimate guide for men who want to develop their own personal sense of style, or a refresher for men who want to fine tune their current style.



    Barnes & Noble:

  6. Peet

    Nora Ephron… I love her writing and will definitely purchase this book. But Online Community Management for Dummies – there really is a book for everything.:)