Our Top 5 Super-Stylish TV Binges Perfect For Your Vacation

If you ask me, inspiration for new content comes as much from not blogging as it does from blogging. We all need to indulge in silly, relaxing, even decadent behavior every now and then, and this glorious week between Christmas and New Year's Day is the perfect time to do so. My guilty pleasure of choice? TV show binges. I love snuggling up on the couch in pajamas and spending a whole day (or two?) watching (or re-watching) my favorite most-stylish shows.

If this kind of indulgence is right up your alley, might I recommend these 5 shows for your bingeing pleasure:


Boardwalk Empire: Set in prohibition-era Atlantic City, this HBO show is violent and kind of slow-moving, but the costuming, music and sets are absolutely gorgeous – making it entirely addicting. Gangsters in suits and showgirls in flapper dresses? Sign me up.

Downton Abbey: I am counting down the days until Season 3 of Downton Abbey premieres in the United States, so what better time to re-visit the first two seasons of English aristocracy, wartime hardships and all that drama than right now? (We think you can actually learn a little about blogging from Downton, believe it or not.)

Mad Men: Does it get more retro-chic than Mad Men? Watching the show progress from the late 1950s and into the early 1960s reveals a pretty fascinating shift both in dress and in workplace attitudes and aspirations for both men and women. And then there's Don Draper. Sigh.

Gossip Girl: This primetime soap captured our fashion-focused hearts from the beginning, with New York City and designer clothes acting as additional characters on the show. It's all over now, so why not re-watch all the nairtini, Chuck-and-Blair, Little J drama and too many glamorous parties to count – and see if it really makes sense that [no spoiler here] was Gossip Girl all along.

Revenge: Just a season and a half in, I can't wait to see what's in store next on Revenge. While Daniel and Jack keep their attire pretty basic, you can always count on Emily Thorne, Ashley Davenport, Victoria Grayson and of course Nolan Ross to bring it with inspiring and over-the-top looks.

What stylish shows do you love to binge on?

[Image credit: AMC]

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8 Responses

  1. Andria

    Funny that you mentioned Downton Abbey because I just started it a week ago and I’m in love with the fashion. The early 20th century silhouettes and hair styles are very inspiring.

  2. cat

    downton? really? instead of “downtown”? I feel like the grammar police (I’m not trying to be) but seriously IFB. Step up your game on the PROOFREADING or consider this reader gone. Who can take your advice seriously if you don’t take your content seriously enough to proofread it?

  3. Jell

    I looove Mad Men! I got into it pretty late (recently this month), but I love all their outfits. I love that all the guys always don suits, I can’t say no to a good suit!

    But uuhh the blatant sexism is a big distraction. I know it adds to the atmosphere of how sexist the times were, but it’s still kinda depressing.

  4. purplebananasandfudgeballs

    Uh, hello.. Scandal, anyone? I mean, Olivia Pope’s outfits are to die for, and I won’t even consider wearing that sort of style until my maybe mid-40’s. Yet, I can’t even deny the kick ass clothes she wears are the bomb.