10 Blogging Resolutions for 2013


The bright, shiny, beautiful new year is almost here, IFB! With 2013 hours away, I wanted to share a few blogging resolution suggestions for the upcoming year (many that are on my own plate)!   It's always easier, in my mind, to start resolutions (or new year's goals, as I prefer to call them), in the first week. To give your simmering mind some time to calm, reflect, and build up what you really want to do.

Don't ask for followers; earn them.

While numbers are great for a blog, engagement is where it's AT. Earn your blog followers! Interact with them. Respond to their comments and emails. Leave comments on blogs that you love– beyond Great post! or Super cute outfit!. Engage with your readers and fellow bloggers the same way you want your blog to be engaged with.

Redesign your blog.

A redesign can be a quick, easy, and cheap way to spruce up your blog and re-ignite your passion for it. Your blog's layout– it's the first thing a new visitor will encounter. It'll make or break whether or not they stay. It's also a wonderful way to learn a few new skills (see below), challenge yourself, and progress your blog's evolution.

Email one brand you love to begin a long-lasting relationship.

Don't sit back waiting for them to reach out to you: that may never, ever happen!  Instead, reach out to them. Send them a quick pitch. Know what you're looking for from the relationship and what you'd like to start with.

Reach out to other bloggers you love beyond the comment; cultivate a support system with your peers.

Blogging is a one-man island. It doesn't HAVE to be, though.  Over the years, I've developed wonderful relationships with a handful of bloggers. We provide one another support in so many ways. Some I reach out to with design questions; others, we chat about working with brands. A few I come to with my blogging existential crises, and we slowly work our way through those deep blogging issues,

Make it easy to K.I.T (keep in touch)!

Make commenting easy by removing captcha or special login credentials. Post your email address in an easy to find spot. Leave links to social media sites visible and easy to access.  Don't make it hard for your readers to interact with you. Make it so easy they have no excuse not to.

Learn the basics. Of EVERYTHING.

Nothing helps a blogger more than knowing the bare basics of everything. Consider it adding “Jill of All Trades” to your resume. Learn a few tips to spruce up your photography skills. Memorize a few simple HMTL or CSS codes to help you modify and change your blog's layout. Practice great writing; get to know the rules (and then learn how to break them).  You don't have to become an expert, but if you learn the tip of the iceberg, you'll find blogging becomes a lot easier.

Employ a few quick marketing tools to get on the right path.

SWOT analysis anyone? Look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportuntities, and Threats of your site. If you're having a hard time, involve a friend.  Ask them to look at your site and let you know any problems they find. What do they like? What is confusing? How is the writing and how are the photos?  Or try a little Gap Analysis.  Where is your blog and where do you want it to be? Or maybe you just want to get SMART with these Marketing 101 tips: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

Do a little extracurricular reading.

Pick up Yuli Ziv's Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row or any of Darren Rowse's blogging ebooks.  Read books OUTSIDE of the blogging niche. Pick up fashion history books, art history books, books on writing, and books building creative habits (I love Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott).  Read fiction and read non-fiction.  Reading not only makes you a better writer, but it also helps you think outside of the box. You'll be inspired to create new content, try new writing formats, and share the exciting new information you've gained.

Stop Sinning.

Easier said than done, right? The quickest and easiest way to stop sinning is to be honest with yourself why you're blogging.  If you're in it to launch your own shop or brand, then accepting tons of free products and reviewing them, when you could be advertising yourself, is a bad business move.  If you say you're in blogging for the community, but don't reply to comments and emails, and spend more time pitching and retweeting yourself… well girlfriend, community ain't a one-way street!  Figure out what you want from blogging, and let that drive how you run your blogging business.

To Thine Own Self be True.

Stop trying to be Leandra. Or Jane. Or Emily or Gala, Nicolette or Tavi (they're all lovely, but they're not you!).  You will only find pleasure, fulfill your passion, and earn success as a blogger by being 100% you. Your point of view, style, energy, voice, and personality– everything that makes you you is what people come to your site for. It's why brands choose to work with you– your unbridled passion & enthusiasm for their product.  It's why readers come to your site– to read what YOU have to share, whether your experiences, your inspirations, or your style.  It's why bloggers interact with you– you have something valuable and unique to offer.  Your site is ultimately YOU– so don't spend time mimicking someone else.



What are your blogging resolutions for the new year?


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  1. Addison

    I never really make resolutions, but these are some that I would actually feel comfortable making… especially the figuring out why we’re blogging. It’s easy to get caught up with details and other motives once a blog really begins to take off.
    Thanks for the inspo and Happy New Year!!

  2. Alexandria Adair Vasquez

    This is a really helpful post! I’ve only just entered the blogosphere, so I’m new to pretty much everything. Thank you!

  3. underaveil

    Such an inspiring and useful resolutions,
    for all the bloggers who seek acknowledgement.
    We hope that we will be able to achieve them.
    All the best, and happy new year.
    Peace be upon you.

  4. Rachelle Porsenna

    I loooove this post the first point I agree with 100%. As soon as I get my stat where I want it to be I will start working on pitching to brands.


  5. Ashley Garner

    Great post, I especially love the tip about finding your voice and staying true to it. It can be difficult when you start blogging with one thing in mind and then as you continue you realize that that isn’t necessarily who you are, but you don’t know who you want to be on the online world. Especially when so many of us are so young and influential finding YOUR voice can be harder than it seems. You aspire to be so many things from so many different people.
    A great quote I found recently, “Nothing about me is original. I am the combined efforts of everyone I’ve ever known.” Those combined efforts from so many different people are what make us us. We are inspired by things about people and take bits and pieces to make US who we want to be. Recognizing those bits and pieces and then putting them together to become our own is sometimes the hardest part.

  6. Nathalie F.

    The first one is my favorite. So many bloggers ask, “Follow for follow?” It’s my #1 blogging pet peeve. Follow if you like what you see, don’t follow if you don’t. That’s what I do, and that’s how everyone should do it. Honesty should be at the base of every blogging interaction.


  7. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Great suggestions – Thank you! I can’t wait to make 2013 the year of change & improvement! <3

  8. Tiffy Diamond

    This is a great article. I definitely get over layouts fast so I’m always on the look out to redo a site if it needs sprucing up. I would also love to connect with other bloggers. I mainly got my following through Twitter/IG then decided to start a blog. So I love any advice I can get!


  9. MonicaP

    I did do a small re-design of my blog for 2013. Got rid of the blogger background template and added a cute pear gal logo. I like it, it’s mine.

    I would love to take more fashion photos in different locations, but it’s not always easy to find the time to do this .. but it is one of my 2013 goals.


  10. Zaire Love

    Earning followers and creating relationships with bloggers are definitely on the top of my New Years Resolution list! What’s the best way to go about creating authentic blogger friends?

  11. Sophie Fay

    Thank you so much for this post! It’s definitely going on my New Year’s resolutions list and it inspired to re-evaluate my fashion blog.

  12. Christina Marie Mitchell

    I’ve been meaning to find some book on fashion blogging & blogging in general. Thanks for the suggestions, as well as the awesome resolution (goal) ideas. I was a bit stuck!

    Christina Marie

  13. Stephanie Watanabe | The Girl Who Knows

    Excellent list – especially LOVE the 1st resolution. Asking for followers feels like begging. It’s horrible. I’ve increased my own blog readership by simply being myself, writing from the heart and with consistency. And some good marketing + sales chops doesn’t hurt either. 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  14. Kandace Moore

    Some great advice!! I have been eating as much blogging help as I can get. I have only just started (literally only two posts!) and I’m so nervous every time I post. But all the advice I am finding on here is making it easier. Now I just have to stick it through and watch it grow.

  15. The Neon Factor

    Great post!! I’m in the process of changing my layout. Currenly I have a very nice chic simple layout that I love but I need to be a little bit more me. Can’t wait for it to be done!

    I think the followers part is great, I think some people have forgotten what blogging is all about. The main goal shouldn’t be how big your numbers are but how rich your content is. I love getting comments when their url is included cause I have discovered some great blogs like that but when it’s aggressive like “go to my page and follow, let me know when you follow and I’ll follow back” or “I just followed you, now follow back.” it’s so unnecessary. It’s like worry more about what you’re blogging about than your numbers. Lol ok I’m done with my little rant ^_^

    I’m going to try to keep coming back to the post every now and then to keep my mind refreshed on these tips.

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor

  16. Lauren Hochman

    Great resolutions and tips! I’m definitely going to put many of these on my list! Thanks, IFB! 🙂


  17. oma

    i have been going through most of your articles to help grow my new still amateur blog, which will be a great blog in time. You help make my creation a lot easier and though i am still getting the hang of it, i appreciate your site and articles… this is my years resolution, to have a fab blog

  18. Julia

    Great resolutions! This year I want to finally understand what my blog is all about, what I want from it and most importantly make people understand what it is all about. When I started I had a great idea, but then I began to listen to what people’s advises and opinions. So I ended up confused and frustrated! This year will be about rediscovering my own voice and just doing what I think is right.


  19. Jasmine Rochelle

    This is a great post! I recently renamed my blog, got a new layout, and decided to self-host it. This was a challenge within itself, but I took fear by the horns and made the necessary changes.

    One of the things I have found to be most challenging is ‘How to Start Working with Brands.’ I read an article you guys wrote a while back and although it got my creative juices flowing I was still a little lost on my approach? Often when you reach out to people who have “Been There, Done That” it’s hard to get feedback.

    I’ve completed my “Gap Analysis” recommended by Vanessa at Stylishlyme and its opened my eyes (amazing post everyone should read it). But, where do I go from here is the question I’m always left with. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

  20. Andrea Miñoza

    I love this post! Revamped my blog just in time for the new year and I’m loving the feedback I’ve been getting from readers, family, and friends. 🙂

  21. Tiffy Diamond

    Dear lord ladies, please remove the captcha from your blog. I LOVE leaving comments on new blogs I find but I am just captcha illiterate and HATE THEM. As soon as I encounter one my enthusiasm goes down. If I have to fill it out more than once then I’m just not going to leave a comment.

    Make it easier for us to leave comments! I understand you don’t want spam, creepy or mean comments. Just make sure you monitor daily and remove them.

    Say NO to captcha.


  22. Amit

    Don’t ask for followers; earn them. This is the point that I like the most in this post. It is important to earn links in blogging than ask someone for link or to follow. Love your blog.