Blog Tip: 5 Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas From Pinterest

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Raise your hand if, when you think of adjectives to describe Pinterest, one of the first words that comes to mind is “distracting.”  Right? You click over on your lunch break – just to have a peek – and suddenly 20 minutes are gone, you've binge pinned 15 recipes for quinoa and haven't even had a bite of your sandwich.

What if I told you that this aesthetically pleasing, oh-so-addicting curation site can be more than a storage unit for pretty things and become a hub of content inspiration? Next time you're on Pinterest, instead of letting your eyes glaze over at the sight of 1,000 twinkling bokeh lights – let the endless images, links, projects and pictures be the source of your next post.

Get styling ideas for outfit posts.

If you're just getting into the groove with Pinterest, we have a great starter list of brands, bloggers and publications to follow. As you explore and browse, note the looks and details that you're drawn to (and re-pin them, obviously!) that you think you could recreate. Mentally run through your closet and cross-reference it with outfits you love and get to styling!

Look for trends.

 As you browse your feed, look for themes and frequently re-pinned images. See if trends stand out to you, in colors, content, style, etc. What you see on Pinterest can be an excellent indication of what kinds of content your readers are looking for.

Browse unexpected categories.

 While not perfect, the categories you can scroll through at the top of your Pinterest page from a drop-down menu can provide lots of inspiration and post ideas. From popular pins to “women's fashion” – you may find a photo shoot to recreate, a recipe to try or a new look to collage on your blog.

Use the search bar.

This may sound like an obvious choice, but using the search bar to find something more specific. Try searching for places, trends, people, events or designers that you're interested in. You may find new images, new places or new content ideas just from your browsing and follow-up clicks.

Follow the rabbit hole.

 Sometimes trying to find the original source of an image can lead you down an inspiring, entertaining and eye-opening path that can produce not only new content ideas but new blogs to follow – especially Tumblrs. Let yourself keep clicking and clicking – from image to link to blog roll and beyond.

Have you used Pinterest for blog content ideas before? Share your experience in the comments!

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  1. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    So. True. I have lost sooo much time since Pinterest was created… But it’s the ultimate source of inspiration for me now. When I buy a great new piece and am looking for fabulous ways to style it – Pinterest. When I’m trying to decide which frock to wear for a cocktail party – Pinterest. When I’m trying to kill time – You guessed it, Pinterest. 🙂

  2. Sarah's Real Life

    Pinterest is great! I actually did a blog post on how to use Pinterest for outfit inspiration. I still get traffic to that post sometimes, and it was also a great way to get some of my readers to follow me on Pinterest. My link is below if anyone is interested! I like your idea of browsing unexpected categories…I pretty much only browse women’s fashion. Maybe I should switch it up!

    9 Ways to Use Pinterest for Outfit Inspiration – Sarah’s Real Life

  3. Bevin Valentine

    I have definitely used Pinterest as an idea source for blogging. When I’m stuck to think of a topic to write about, I look at my boards to see what interests or inspires me and go from there. (Two examples of posts that grew out of writer’s blog smashed by Pinterest: & Browsing your pins can also be a great way to synthesize ideas that have been simmering in the back of your mind.


  4. Rachel Phipps

    I find Pinterest is fantastic for editorial style post inspiration! I was messing around with the Pinterest app on my iPhone while I was watching a Shakespeare adaptation (aka pretending to study!) when I came up for my 5 Quick Canapé Ideas For New Years Eve post: , and while the story behind my How To Open A Bottle Of Champagne post came from a true story, I was inspired to write it when I realised just how many champagne bottles I had on my Pinboards!

  5. Ana Vargas

    This is actually really helpful! I spend more time on Pinterest than I care to admit! I really should be putting it to good use on my blog, seeing as I am a beginner blogger!

  6. Sheryl Blasnik

    Pinterest is a real addiction. I just clicked over there before this only to check my follower count and the next thing I knew it was 30 minutes later. Never really thought of it as a way to come up with original blog content. Guess I now have a legimate excuse to be distracted by Pinterest.


  7. Travelle

    I use both Tumblr and Pinterest religiously. I use Tumblr moreso of an online mood board, and I use Pinterest to keep track of the images that I find particularly appealing and that fit in with one of the many boards I’ve created to showcase my style aesthetic to readers and potential readers.

    I’ve created boards from favorite designers, trends, travel aspirations, and even photography ideas.

  8. Marcella

    I love Pinterest, all the pictures .. the content! And it is true that once connected the minutes pass without noticing!!

  9. Encore Decor {the blog}

    Gotten a lot of action on Pinterest lately. Sending a Tweet from a posted photo is a great way to get your name associated with “image” shots that are royalty free.
    A snap to create your own “blog” or “magazine” by curating just a few boards.
    Pins + re-pins get sent around the globe in seconds.

    Love – but don’t get started when you are on your way out-the-door. Like the others said, it is addicting + has made me late on may occasions, ugg.

    Follow my boards for up-to-the minute design connections:

    Thanks much and happy pinning, pinners!

  10. Cecilia Marie

    I use Pinterest for most of my content. It makes it easier to trace back the original website it came from instead of just pulling images off of google. Plus, when you search something in particular on Pinterest, you actually find what your looking for. I am on this site everyday looking for new things to share and bring to my readers!

  11. Karen Ussene

    I’m surely a Pinterest victim. When I do posts about food, houses or monthly inpiration, Pinterest is one of the places that I go for selecting pictures, it’s great!

  12. Maria @CrashingRed

    Yes, that is one of the main reasons I love Pinterst!! It’s an excellent source of inspiration but for me inspiration isn’t about pinning images that are simply beautiful it’s more about how I can use it. You are right about trends too! You can clearly see what people like. Also Pinterst was for me a major motivator to improve my photography. Say you pin a photo of your outfit and no one likes it, no one repins it. Well, that means that pic isn’t that great, people don’t see it as something inspirational or useful to them. As sad as it is.. but its true! So now for – my outfit posts get regular pins from the site and repins from Pinterst too. My second site basically lives off Pintest – recently one of the nail art posts I did was pinned over 100 times. And the site is only 1 month old.
    So thanks to Pinterst I’ve learnt how to produce content that is actually likable and inspiring.

  13. Bonnie

    I am a daily pinner and have posted to Pinterest from my blog, but admit that I don’t use it enough to inspire my blog posts. This is a good reminder.