Mark Your Calendar for the IFB Conference in February 2013

Kick off 2013 in the most inspiring way with the IFB Conference, fashion blogging's biggest event

February 6 – February 7, 2013: at The Altman Building on 135 West 18th Street New York, NY


Mark your calendars, fashion bloggers. IFB, the unparalleled leader in the fashion blogging community, wants you to save the date for the upcoming IFB Conference in New York City. Just imagine, over 400 fashion blogging enthusiasts and peers,  awe-inspiring industry leaders, hands-on skill-building workshops, and an unforgettable experience you will be talking about for years.

Right at the start of New York Fashion Week, the IFB Conference offers two days of blogging expertise, exciting sponsored activities from the biggest brands, motivational talks, engaging discussions and so much more.

Last year, we had a stellar lineup including Iman, Derek Blasberg, and Coco Rocha and this year? Well, let's just say we won't let you down.  Day One will be dedicated to insightful panels full of leaders in the industry whom you admire and respect. Day Two is all about hands-on training and workshops for you, from social media to photography to marketing.  The official schedule and lineup will be released in the coming weeks.




With the Early-Bird two-day pass,  you will receive all-access to the entire fashion blogging event including exclusive swoonworthy gift bags.

These specialty Early-Bird Tickets are on-sale Monday, January 7 at 9am EST. There are limited quantities of Early-Bird tickets so don't wait to the last minute. Be sure to get yours before they run out. Regular IFB Member and Non-IFB members/Corporate tickets will go on-sale in the coming weeks.


Make 2013 the year that you dedicate all your efforts and time to developing your writing, photography and business skills. The opportunities for success are endless – are you ready to take that leap?

February 2013 IFB Conference Details:

When: February 6 – 7, 2013
Where: The Altman Building in New York, NY
How: Tickets will be on-sale Monday, January 7, 2012


IFBCON February 2013 Ticket Information:


Early-Bird Two-day IFB-Member Tickets: $145

Ticket descriptions: Early-bird tickets are for bloggers only, not corporate or brand entities who are also IFB members. All early-bird tickets will be approved by the IFB team. IFB has the right to refuse tickets to any user or party. Limited quantities available so purchase your early-bird tickets as soon as possible. Early-bird tickets are for two-day passes only. One-day passes aren't available for purchase with the early-bird option. All ticket sales are final! No refunds will be granted.


Regular IFB-Member tickets: Two-day Pass, $185, One-day Pass: $125

Ticket descriptions: IFB Members own their own blog about fashion, have registered with IFB, and are approved. All regular IFB-member tickets will be approved by the IFB team. IFB has the right to refuse tickets to any user or party. All ticket sales are final! No refunds will be granted.


Non-IFB Members & Corporate tickets: One-Day Pass: $400, Two-Day Pass $500

Ticket descriptions: Non-IFB Members are employees from agencies, entrepreneurs, agents or anyone who is not a registered IFB member or a branded entity.  Non-IFB member and Corporate tickets give you access to a full conference report and access to the after-party. All Non IFB-member and Corporate tickets will be approved by the IFB team. IFB has the right to refuse tickets to any user or party. All ticket sales are final! No refunds will be granted. For more information about non-IFB member and corporate ticket sales, please email [email protected])


Tickets On-Sale NOW.

To see all the highlights from last September's IFB Conference and get an idea of what's in-store, go ahead and click through our recaps and favorite posts.

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54 Responses

    • Christina Marie Mitchell

      yeah, same here. i’ll try to attend the one in Sept. Feb is too close. No time to save $$…

    • Jennine Jacob

      we would love to have it on the weekend, but with NYFW, most the shows are on the weekend, which most the bloggers coming in from out of town for NYFW, it would defeat the purpose of having it on the weekend.

  1. Devon -

    ooh! Can’t wait to see the line-up and the feature posts as the event gets closer.
    A bit too short notice to make this one, but very much looking forward to a September conference.


  2. tasha

    Just got super excited for this. Now to figure out who can be my conference buddy. Question is day two the shopping day or something?

    • Jennine Jacob

      So happy to hear you are coming! Day two will have workshops to provide more detailed information and how-to’s… of course there is plenty of shopping all around NYC!

  3. Sabina

    Was wondering why it was during the week so thanks for the explanation Jennine. And thanks for the advance notice. Any other fashion illustration bloggers going to be there?

  4. Sarah

    Do you know when the September one is? I’m a British fashion blogger and would realistically be able to go in Sept as that is when I was thinking of doing a trip to New York anyway.

    It does sound really good, and such a great way to meet fellow bloggers!

    Sarah x

  5. Rachel Liane

    The way this sounds it sounds like the gift bags are only for the early-bird tickets…are the bags given with all tickets including regular tickets and regular one day tickets?

  6. Carly J. Cais

    Times for the conference?

    Just looking at flights, and trying to figure out what time the workshops will be done on the 7th to give me time to get to the airport and back out to the West Coast.

    • Amanda Boyce

      Hi, the times for the two-day conference will be released soon with the full conference schedule. However, both days are typically all-day events.

  7. Rena A Thompson

    So wanted to go but I’m going on a ski vacation that week… boo! I just started blogging a few months ago, so it’s probably for the best. Will definitely go (and see you all) in September though. Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s experiences!!

    Rena @ the Style Gospel

  8. karen allen

    I’d love to attend but every hotel in NYC is freaking expensive.. I’d love to got if I can find someone to share cost. 🙁

  9. Ann

    I’m so excited I can attend this one! Trekking all the way from the West Coast…can’t wait to learn and meet some fabulous bloggers!

  10. Leila

    Is there a way to get invited to the conference? Or does everyone attending have to buy their own passes?

  11. Lydie

    Wow i wish i could come !!!
    But… I’m 15, and I live in Paris, France… So maybe an other time hopefully!
    IFB, please come here ! There are loads and loads of great fashion bloggers !!!!!! 🙂
    I’m waiting for you.


  12. Kayla

    I’m definitely buying my ticket soon!! I was one of the lucky winners of the Uncommon Iphone case challenge in September and I won a ticket to the conference. It was amazing and this time around I will shell out for the ticket. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to see what IFB has prepared for us. Jennine and her IFB team are awesome for organizing such an event for us fellow bloggers.

  13. Judy

    Can’t wait for the conference. This will be my third – anxious to view the schedule and learn some new marketing techniques.

  14. Sheela Goh

    I’m all set for the conference. And, OH MY GOD, Jennine, I’m actually going to meet you!! Finally 🙂

    Can anyone tell me where the tickets would be sold? I know online but would it be on the homepage of IFB? I truly do not want to miss out on the Early Bird tickets. This will be my first conference and having only been blogging for two months, beyond exciting.

    Tips from anyone on how to bundle up for the NYC winter, cabs, hotels, would be greatly appreciated.

    Love, Sheela

  15. Into the Row

    See you fellow fashion bloggers there. I need to get a new camera before February comes….I’m beyond excited

  16. Jessica @ Beautify My Life

    Just registered — it will be my first IFBCon! So excited! Now, what to wear??

  17. Taylor Fuller

    Bought my early bird ticket this morning.
    Cant wait for February! Missing class is totally worth it.

  18. Elizabeth McKinnon

    I am so excited after reading this! I have to work but I am going to try to at least get one day off. Lol I would love to be in NYC during Fashion Week.

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  20. Bri

    Is there an after -party after the conference? And can someone attend that instead if she/he missed it? The ticket is pretty expensive.