10 Apps That Will Simplify Your Blogging Business


Remember our motto of “Work Smarter, Not Harder”? We're putting that philosophy to work this year and trying to streamline our efforts so that we are reducing the amount of work we do but getting more out time working. No blogger wants to get bogged down in the administrative to-dos like mailing invoices or sending out packages, not when there are bigger fish to try. And while an intern or contributor would ease your workload but that just isn't in the cards for all fashion bloggers.


Doesn't that sound like a dream? Do more by doing less. It may sound like a fantasy (yes, I can hear you scoffing right now) but it's completely possible. Don't believe? I dare you to try adding these 10 apps to your blogging routine and tell me how it goes. I promise,

all 10 will help reduce the amount of work you are doing, optimizing your time and efforts for those projects that require more of your attention.


10 Apps That Will Simplify Your Blog Business:


Manage comments, upload mobile photos and track the back-end of your blog with the WordPress app. While actually writing content is not optimal on your mobile device, you can manage the more basic blog todos with this app, cutting down on your deskside errands.


Track your outfits (and monitor which items you've worn on your blog) with Cloth. Also, the best feature? Track the weather and plan your outfit posts around mother nature. So handy, it's crazy.


The app that makes keeping track of your finances extremely easy. Sync up all your accounts in one place, set budgets (and stick to them), receive bill notifications, and access full-screen reports to see how your finances are going.


Working on-the-go has never been easier thanks to LogMeIn, the app that allows you to sync up your laptop and cloud servers to your mobile devices. That's right, access files or photos on your desktop while traveling or out-of-town. No need to carry flash drives or USB sticks anymore.


Keep on top of your to-do lists, calendars and important appointments with Wunderlist. Manage your travel itinaries, organize editorial calendars and schedule meetings with this app that can be synced up on your computer and devices.


Ever scroll through news articles and wish your screen would split in half so you could jot down important notes without having to switch to a different app? Well, PaperHelper is here to, well, help. Divide your screen in half and get to brainstorming.


Always stay connected to your blog and community with Free WiFi Finder that uses your iPhone's GPS to locate free wifi hotspots. Perfect if you are new in town or out of the office and need to be connected ASAP.


This video app automatically edits video, making the most challenging part of the video process quite easy. Plus, the videos actually come out pretty cool.


Discover new bloggers, get style inspiration, upload photos and use their frames and filter which can be easily shard on Instagram, PLUS create collages using your own photos. It's like Instagram-meets-Facebook in just one app.


What can you use when inspiration hits and you aren't at your desk? Use Paper, the iPad app that allows you to sketch, draw, write and outline outfits, posts, ideas, and everything else in between on your iPad.

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17 Responses

  1. Sistah Hollywood

    Sure wish most of these were for droids too.
    This makes me want to go back to my iPhone. 🙁

  2. Karen Buckley

    these tips are really interesting, I used to plan for my style shoots but then I would pretty much always end-up having a ‘I have nothing to wear’ episode. So now I just get up, get dressed and if I am feeling proud of my outfit, I take my camera out with me! And get whoever is with me to take some snaps 🙂 http://www.karenbuckley.co.uk

  3. Tiffy Diamond

    Great apps, I definitely want to download Cloth and Go Try it On. They both seem very fun. I also like Paper for when I’m researching designers.


  4. Taryn

    I wish I had read this sooner. I just paid a few dollars for an app very similar to Wunderlist… Great apps. I just bought/downloaded a few of them!

  5. Elizabeth McKinnon

    Thank for the cool apps. Can’t wait to use them.

  6. Ana and Diana

    I use the evernote app both on mobile and computer. Everytime inspirations hits me, i write or photograph with my mobile and then it syncs with my computer so half the work is done when it is time to post something!