The Easy Way To Create Video Content? Magisto


Everyone is talking about mobile video and how it is 2013's big digital trend but not everyone can do it. In fact, only a top few in the blogging community are even attempting video blogging. Why? Because video blogging requires a certain skillset that, unless you are taught, takes a while to hone. Video shooting, production, editing… It can all overwhelming for a fashion blogger.


Enter Magisto, a video app that allows you to upload videos and then automatically edits your videos. Did you see that? AUTOMATICALLY. Meaning, you have to do basically nothing.


Did that get your attention? I thought so.


Magisto says,

When you create a video with Magisto you can upload as few as 1 video or as many as 16 (or up to 600 MB). Whether you upload 1 video, 5 videos, 16 videos or any number in between, Magisto automatically detects the most interesting parts of your videos and edits them together into one clip.

I put the app to the test and used leftover footage from September 2012's IFB Conference that never saw the light of day. I simply uploaded the videos onto the site, named my film and set a soundtrack to the footage. Once you finalize your options, you wait for your video to get finished and once it's done, Magisto sends you an email. Easy, straight-forward and minimal effort. Sounds fun right? Well here is the final product, which turned out pretty good!



To get the best video, you should:

  • Brainstorm a storyline before shooting
  • Try to get a variety of shots so you can create a well-rounded and interesting video that includes all perspectives
  • Always shoot more content than you think you need. Most footage will be edited out.


To learn more about Magisto, read up on their services and download the app over at the iTunes store. And for breakdown in how to start video-blogging, be sure to brush up on our video blogging 101 guide.


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  1. Asaf Fradkin

    You don’t have to have an iPhone to use it.
    Magisto had released their web based app long before the mobile version.

    I love that app not only for blogging but also for personal use – We all have so many short footages that we never use because they are too boring. Now we can take them all and make a great movie out of them.
    Take a look at this: