IFB Project #78 Round Up: Winter Accessory Essentials

Baby, it really is cold outside — at least where our IFB project contributors live! Mittens, hats and snow boots galore! I feel so inspired to stock up on all those little add-ons that make a cold weather ensemble both extra-chic and extra-warm. Meanwhile though, it's still a balmy 45 degrees in New York City!

The Top 10 Winter Accessory Posts:

1. It's Because I Think Too Much: Snow Day

2. Trend Survivor: Must Have Winter Accessory – Beanies

3. Justyled: Let's Accessorize for Winter

4. Looks By Laura: Winter Accessory Essentials

5. Laura Wears: Winter Accessories

6. Illustrious: Bold & Bright Winter Accessories

7. Sketchbook Closet: Bundle Up – Winter Accessories

8. The CHICago Life: Baby, It's Cowl-d Outside

9. Under a Veil: Accessories Out in the Cold

10. Lemon Stripes: Winter Accessories

Check out all the cozy and cool submissions here, and be sure to check back for a new project on Saturday!

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  1. underaveil

    Congratulations for the selected entries.
    It’s a compilation of savvy reports about winter add-ons
    Peace be upon you.