Take A Cue From Garance Dore: Diversify Your Blog Income

At IFB, we talk of almost nothing but blog business, however it's rare for a blogger to discuss the nitty gritty of their business publicly on their site.

For this reason, it was informative, refreshing and interesting to read all about Garance Dore's business on her blog yesterday. From her thoughts on affiliate links (mixed) to sponsored content (never), she explains how and why she makes a living from her blog as well as from additional projects, and how her blog is her dream job.

How Garance diversifies:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate links (sort of)
  • Online shop
  • Art commissions
  • Pardon My French
  • Freelance writing (French Vogue…)
  • Miscellaneous projects: collaborations, consulting, speaking engagements, modeling for Net-a-Porter.com…


If the whole concept of “business and the blog” makes you a little unnerved, try thinking of it differently, like she does:

It’s developing an idea. It’s surrounding yourself with passionate people to put it together. It’s working together on something that you love and believe in. It’s creating jobs. It’s having responsibilities, learning to navigate the bumps along the way and finding utter joy when you do it well. And going back to work right after that.

Obviously, not every one of us bloggers is also a dynamically talented illustrator or dating The Sartorialist. However, we all have interests, talents and abilities that can coexist and bloom in tandem with our blogs, if we just explore them a little. Maybe you're a stylist selling your wardrobing abilities to friends and neighbors, maybe your a master merchandiser with the chops to open a killer e-shop. By diversifying your income sources, you ensure that if one goes bust, you won't be left high and dry.

How do you diversify your blog income?

Source: Garance Dore – My Own Business

[Image credit: Garance Dore]

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    Diversifying really is everything. It’s also important to realize you might not *know* what is going to work, so flexibility is also so vital. I found that out while running a boutique, where $20 accessories became my bread and butter and I taught sewing classes to get me through the slow months.
    Perhaps the other side of it is when you do have success, you’ll want to be sure you’ve created a beast you’re happy to sustain. But there is a lot of great advice from IFB about keeping your voice.

    “…And going back to work right after that.”


  2. Kimberly

    Diversification is imperative; I couldn’t agree more. I make money from my blog(s) the same ways — via adwords, online shop, and offering services. I’m thinking about adding either a book/ebook or subscription based service for those who are interested in learning how to run their own boutiques.


  3. Devon - InformedStyle.com

    Both your article and Garance’s are actually really eerily timed. I was just speaking with a colleague about how the entrepreneurs I know are balancing their careers between multiple gigs – and just like a stock portfolio, it helps protect them from financial risk – Even if one revenue stream dies down, others are there to keep their head above water.

    Applying it to blogging should have the same effect (with the added bonus of allowing us to pursue multiple avenues of interest!)

    Personally, I’m looking ahead to using InformedStyle as the central hub of various activities, ranging from small business consulting to artistic endeavours. The blog and my love for fashion and the arts will be what ties it all together.

    Thanks for sharing –

  4. Barbara

    This has certainly got me thinking. For a while now I have been thinking of diversifying apart from being a professional makeup artist. I have gotten a couple of approaches from brands and publications to write & consult for them – all unpaid – and I say to myself “diversifying is for multiple streams of income for me and not to only boost the businesses of others” Am I wrong?
    Lagos, Nigeria