IFB Asks: What’s The Least Glamorous Part of Fashion Blogging?

Much like a movie or TV show, what our audience sees in blogging is the polished end result – not all the blood, sweat and tears that got us there. One of the great things about being part of a community is that, along with all the friendship, networking and inspiring – is commiserating. Right? Sometimes you just need to sit around with your friends and talk about the stuff that isn't that great, too. We asked some of our favorite fashion and personal style bloggers to share some of their thoughts on the less flashy, sparkly, fun-filled parts of blogging.

What's the least glamorous part of fashion blogging?


Anna Jane Wisniewski, from See Jane:

“While blogging has so many upsides there are the occasional downsides, such as photographing yourself.  I'll never feel comfortable watching people pass me by and wonder what the hell I'm doing getting my photo snapped.  Also, let's face it, it can be pretty tedious plugging away in front a computer after putting in a full work-day (especially if blogging is a hobby, like it is for me); being hunched over a computer for the majority of the day is about as far away from glamorous as it gets for me!”


Alicia Lund, Cheetah is the New Black:

“Obviously blogging and answering emails in my yoga pants with messy hair (also occasionally while wearing a face mask or zit cream).”


Anthony Urbano and Dustin Tyler Moore, Closet Freaks:

Anthony:  “Outdoor winter photo shoots! Trying to “smize” when you can barely feel your face is so hard. Is this what botox is like?”

Dustin: “All the laundry. After a week of dressing for photo shoots and events the clothes really do pile up.”


Grace Atwood, Stripes & Sequins:

“Sitting in my sweatpants at 2 a.m. on a Friday night editing photos or trying to get a collage just right!”


Jessie Holeva, Trend Hungry:

“Blogging may seem like a dream ( and it is, I totally LOVE it) but hard work is the number one ingredient. Most bloggers are a one-man band. Even though my site has contributors, I'm still involved in every facet – loading posts, making each post SEO friendly, writing and editing posts, creating graphics, social media promotion, guest blogger outreach, negotiating with brands, being my own accountant & IT department, pitching contributing pieces to spread the word about Trend Hungry. Blogging can turn into a business, but most of us enter it for fun. The more you view your blog as a business, the heavier your workload and the more strategy you put behind it. And like anything worth doing, there's no guarantee of the outcome.”

Tanesha Awasthi, Girl With Curves:

“Walking through dirt in heels to get a cool shot is definitely the least glamorous thing about fashion blogging!”

What do YOU think is the least glamorous part of fashion blogging?


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27 Responses

  1. Lauren Williams

    Haha, love this! I definitely agree that outdoor winter photo shoots are the worst. I’ve used the weather to procrastinate more times than I’d like to admit. Also, trying to find a place to shoot that is cool but doesn’t have much foot traffic coming through. Countless stares from passer-bys is always awkward and intimidating for me.


  2. Erin

    Because I work a full-time day job and it’s the winter, I’m unable to take any photos during the week this time of year because there’s no daylight. This means that on the weekend, I’ll plan out a few hours to go take photos of different outfits for the upcoming week (or weeks, depending on whether or not I think I’ll be able to secure someone to take pictures).

    SO, I end up having to change outfits multiple times–and that often takes place in the car, or in public restrooms. I can totally commiserate with the above grievances, but I don’t think there is anything less glamorous than the experience of having to wriggle around in the backseat of a car under a blanket while parallel parked in a well-populated area simply to change pants!!

    I guess it’s just part of the blogger-package!

  3. Lex Marcus

    I agree with the Anna Jane. Blogging is like another full time job for me. Also, the fact that I do EVERYTHING (most of the time) by myself, makes it tedious at times. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun though . . . just less glamorous.

  4. FashionEdible

    This is such a great article! The least glamorous for me has already been mentioned: photo shoots and trying to avoid curious people. It’s hard to concentrate on taking good photos when you know people are staring.


  5. Nengi

    The initial stages are SO tough! When you have only about 10 followers and you go on someone else’s blog (who has A LOT more) you just feel like you should quit while ahead and that there is no hope. I’m still a new blogger and I feel like that from time to time. It can get quite depressing -_- Also, figuring out html codes and little gadgets to just try and make it pretty enough for your own standards. I have a little ocd when it comes to my blog. I can’t even tell if I’m happy with it as of now. Don’t know if I ever will be, lol xx

  6. Shay

    I totally agree with this article. People think its amazing it is so far from glamorous. definitely being up at 4 am cramming 4-5 different post cause you wont have to time to do it during the week. or finding time to take 3 different outfit shots in one day to compensate for the work week cause you know you dont have time to shot in the morning. Or when you have to move between evens and have a big enough bag to fit your flats and heels.

    good to know I’m not alone in this lol

  7. Ashlei M.

    Haha! I love Anna’s response, it’s so true! Especially weird for those of us who take our own photos using a tripod and self-timer/remote…*raises hand*

    I always try to find the most secluded alleys or side streets, but it never fails people will still walk by and just stare me down, haha! I’ve gotten a little better where I at least acknowledge their stare down by smiling and waving which usually makes them feel just as awkward for staring, lol!


  8. Rachelle Porsenna

    All so true I love Anna and Grace’s the most. I’ve gotten my fair share of weird looks while taking my pics. And I’ve spent so many Friday nights editing pics, planning posts and doing collages.


  9. MonicaP

    For the most part blogging is fun and I enjoy it, but there are those days when I think I’ve created this awesome outfit, shoot it .. look at the photo’s on the computer, only to see some failed attempt at looking fabulous. Ok, that didn’t work – what’s next?


  10. Miloveda

    All the tears that go into my blog, Spending hours writing and coming up with an idea and then crying about how I don’t think it’s good enough. I love janes answer I also hate the strange looks.

  11. Lydia

    Definitely the IT part: editing, networking, posting…all these take so much effort!


  12. Carmen Brillianwati

    Just like Anna’s response, it’s really embarassing n awkward when people who walk by judge u while u r takin shots for some outfit posts x_X Some might even laugh at us (which is soooo rude). And how are we supposed to take great photos when people around keep staring and snigger? Sometimes I’d just cancel the photo shoot and find somewhere else to take pics:s


  13. Delaney Knight

    I totally agree with these! People always assume that I am glamorous all the time! Often I run my errands on my way to the gym and if I run into someone I know they are always like “work out clothes? why aren’t you all cute?” It makes me laugh that people think I always have my hair, makeup, and outfits all done!

  14. Nancy

    Trying to get started and getting informed, that’s what I am starting to do! That part isn’t so glam. : /

  15. Steffan James

    Lovely, These comments brought a knowing smile; my friends think all I do each day is look at photographs of beautiful, scantly clad models posing in garments we are about to list on my site, wholesale-dressing.com. When in reality, I swear, it is not all day!

  16. @Savvy_Spice

    I agree with all of these and definitely trying to get help from guys on photoshoots or going to an event and they get annoyed after 5 minutes

  17. Peet

    Alicia and Grace nailed it for me.:) I especially like taking my dog on photo shoots with me and he ends up in half of the pictures (as a blurred white blob) – like a true attention whore.:D