5 Ways To Get More Traffic During Fashion Week

Oh, Fashion Week. It comes out of nowhere (seemingly), creates a whirlwind of street style, social media buzz and speculating about the trends we'll be wearing next season. And then, as quickly as it comes, it's over.

What seems on the surface to be prime time for fashion blogger content is actually a tough period for your traffic. People's attention is split, and most readers will head to hubs like style.com and The Cut or major magazine's sites like Vogue.com for their professional fashion fix.

For this reason, it's important to approach your content during fashion week (whichever week or month you might focus on) with a modified traffic-winning approach.

Here are five ways to create fashion week content your audience will love.


1. Know your audience.

First thing is first: if your audience doesn't come to you for runway coverage already, you'll have trouble hooking them in with it now. What do they like? What posts traditionally do well in your analytics and shares? How can you translate that hook into fashion week content?

2. Be quick quick quick.

Here's probably the most important thing about fashion week content: you've got to be on it. People are searching for and want to see coverage immediately. This isn't always possible, but if you want to analyze collections and pick highlights, you'll want your content to come out as close to the show as possible. You may be shooting images yourself (lucky!) or waiting with baited breath to access them via Getty or style.com – both work (with proper credits). Don't wait more than a day to cover a specific show, and if you're doing a round-up of trends from the whole week, make sure it goes out as soon as possible.

3. Put the shows into context.

This idea circles back to knowing your audience. Maybe your audience comes to you for personal style – are you attending shows? Do a “what I wore” post rather than actual show coverage. Perhaps they'd rather see a trend round up than a designer-by-designer analysis. Maybe you focus on shopping tips on a budget. Could you round up items that resemble runway pieces and present them in a cool collage? It's all about understanding what kind of content will keep your readers hooked while also informing them about what's currently happening in fashion – the best of both worlds!

4. Use social media wisely.

As you've no doubt noticed in seasons past, social media can become kind of a cluster you-know-what during fashion week. Editors and bloggers alike clamor to tweet and Instagram looks, celebrities and street style moments as fast as electronically possible. Make sure your thoughts don't get lost in the mix or fall on uninterested ears. While timing is of the essence, don't sacrifice quality.

5. Use your headlines to capitalize on SEO opportunities.

This is a big one too! When people are actively searching for this kind content, you're going to want to make it as easy for them as possible. Think about keywords, think about the season, designer names, trends you can call out, models you love, etc. Personal flourishes are always encouraged, but just keep in mind that keeping SEO in mind will give your content a better chance of survival in this very saturated time.

Do you blog about fashion week? How do you keep it relevant for your audience?


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16 Responses

  1. Arteresa Lynn

    These are great tips to follow! Especially since this will be my first time blogging during fashion week. Thanks for the great advice!

  2. Andrew

    Being quick is so important. People won’t read your post about the Rodarte show if everyone has already posted about it. Putting the shows into context is also really important and it can make the big world of Fashion Week a little more relatable to an average reader.

  3. Lauren Williams

    I’ve never really covered anything about fashion week because I don’t feel like I have anything worth while to share. I’m not going to any shows, and don’t just want to post some pictures that have already been shared. This is a good article to change your perspective on blogging about it though!


  4. Vicky

    Taylor.. these are some really useful tips.. some many people forget the importance of the Headline and the SEO which helps in getting organice traffic. Writing a beautiful and informative article is a must but one should not forget the catchy headline as well.

  5. Lydia

    I just started my blog and hopefully will do some coverage of the Fashion Week coming up…this was really helpful. Thanks!


  6. Rachelle Porsenna

    Won’t be covering fashion week on my blog, as so many channel are doing that already. I will be following it because I love fashion and to get inspired.


  7. Daniel Butler

    Regarding social media, for those attending:
    When sharing your coverage on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter be sure to include #FONYFW to get featured and gain exposure on http://www.facesofnyfw.com – “the heartbeat of NYFW” curating all the action in one accessible place.
    Each moment inspires debate offering functionality to interact with the author and share to infinity across the social web.

  8. Swati Ailawadi

    I just started my blog and will be posting about fashion week for the first time (Excited !! ) So these tips are quite workable. What struck a chord with me the most is do not wait for more than a day, maintain quality in SEO in title.

    the last one I am trying to get used to ( using google keywords etc., as suggested in another article here. )

    Find me on Bloglovin

  9. Marianne Krohn

    Can anybody help me out with style.com? I would love to use their photography material, but I’m not sure as to how I need to source it or whom I need to aks for permission.

  10. Nasreen

    Omg reading this is making me so excited but anxious. There’s always SO many shows going on at the same time, and then writing the posts, and deciding what will appeal to readers…it’s all so hectic even behind a computer screen! haha


  11. A

    Thank you for these tips! Like some others have said, this will be my first fashion week blogging (as a fashion blogger), so it’s a little intimidating. However, this post was definitely helpful!