Daily Dose of Inspiration: Creativity is Allowing Oneself to Make Mistakes


Give yourself the opportunity to explore what can do and what you want.


We talk a lot about making mistakes, mainly because mistakes offer such invaluable learning lessons. I mean, nobody's perfect and we shouldn't try to be. Perfect is boring, anyways; it's completely one-dimensional and we prefer a full 3-D experience. This week, make it your goal to embrace your blog's hits-and-misses, the successes and the “failures”. You've got to let yourself make mistakes and push your limits. Without those mistakes, how would you know what works?

Blogging is all about trial-and-error and giving yourself permission to fall down. Nobody's got time for shame so toss that out the window and just do your thing. It's better this way, trust us.


 Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.


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