The Best Practical Tips For Part-Time Bloggers


In our fashion blogging community, it's not a necessity to be a full-time blogger to be successful. For many of us, our blogs are supplemental elements of our professional endeavors. As such, we can't devote as much time to our blogs as we do to our jobs, schooling, parenting – whatever the case may be.

With limited time (we want to have social and romantic lives too, after all), it's so key to make the most of what we have, working smarter, not harder.

Start by thinking ahead.


As someone who's a part-time personal style blogger, the most helpful thing I can do for myself and my site is think ahead. I struggle to think beyond the immediate week ahead, but Sunday evenings are my prime bloggin' time to get the next six days lined up. Even if I realistically cannot get a whole week of blogging done in a few hours, I can make a big dent, and then figure out when I'll have time to get back at it. I look at my work load, my social plans and then factor in a little slack and go from there. Hopefully, you can still look at blogging as an enjoyable way to spend your time when you aren't at work, and can look forward to the times you have scheduled to “work” on your site.

Create and schedule in blocks.


Block out time in your week that's just for blogging – whenever works for you. Maybe it's 3 a.m. on Wednesday and maybe it's 9 p.m. on Sunday — just make sure you're scheduling and accounting for it. Give yourself proper time to develop your content and figure out when it will go out. And maybe it's just me, but getting a lot done at once and then sitting back as it all flows into place is a really rewarding feeling. (Like a to-do list with all the boxes checked!)

Also, sometimes when I'm particularly excited about a post I'll want to get it out there right away, which isn't always the best strategy. Schedule your most dynamic and bound-to-be-a-hit content on the days you get the most traffic. (Strategize to maximize, as I like to say.)

Be selective with your social media.


This is an awesome tip I'm drawing directly from this article on ProBlogger. When the time you have to spend on your site (and it's promotional channels) is limited, making the most is critical. Make sure the channels you're putting the most effort into are the same as your peers (be where the people are!). The both good and bad thing about social media like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook is that they can suck you in.

Try looking at it this way when the time comes to get something done:

Do not, I repeat do not use this time to browse your friends' activity on Facebook. Post photos and links to your page, share relevant content, and get outta there! (Save the “creeping” for your personal time.)

Same goes for Twitter. Share relevant and timely content, participate in peer-driven conversations and give shout-outs, but try to avoid that never-ending scroll through your followings feelings about last night's episode of Girls.

Shoot for multiple posts at one time.


For fashion and lifestyle bloggers, photography (and subsequent photo editing) is one of the most time-consuming elements of our “work.” Do yourself a favor and (nudge, nudge) plan ahead to shoot for multiple posts at one time. Get your gear, prep your sets, choose your looks and bribe your photographer (or yourself) to help you out for a few extra hours.

This way, you've got oodles of content ready to be edited and scheduled ahead of time, and you're not scrambling for good daylight hours to shoot during a hectic work week or finals time.


Are you a part-time blogger? How do you make the most of your schedule?


*This post was inspired by a great piece on part-time blogging success from ProBlogger.

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  1. Alexandrea J. (@Ajwilson412)

    I love these tips because I’m constantly needing help with figuring out how to juggle being in grad school and blogging at the same time and I like to know how other people do it. So thank you for these tips! I think my problem is I turn my “promotion time” into “catch up time” whenever I go onto FB or Twitter and I think I need to change my mindset. I frequently don’t see the difference between the two and I need to. So thanks for this post!! πŸ™‚

  2. sheena isokariari


    Thanks for this post! It was very helpful. As a part time blogger and part time editor I do struggle with my blog. These tips have been helpful as I haven’t scheduled posts before. Sunday is my day to plan but I usally find myself distracted on social media.
    I tend to write posts on my lunch break at work which isn’t ideal. So this year I’m defintely going to plan ahead propelry.

  3. Sofie

    I’m a part time blogger and I kinda do the same thing. Usually there’s one day of the week that I schedule a couple of posts. Still it is hard because I already do the same type of work as a full time so some days are harder than others. But I love it when I have these ideas and just write away and take pretty pictures for hours… is just fun!

  4. Andrew

    Shooting for multiple posts is definitely a huge timesaver. I also might write 2-3 extra posts one week that I’ll post in the future if I know I’m going to be busy.

  5. Lauren //

    As a full-time consultant and part-time blogger I use the “shooting multiple times a day” trick a lot. Over the weekend if I change outfits from day to night I try to shoot both outfits to cut down trying to do it during the work week. Also, schedule schedule schedule!

  6. Gissi Jimenez

    When I started my blog I did all the post plans ahead of time… now I just get ideas and take a picture or write them on my phone so in case I run out of what to post I get one of those “ideas” stash.

  7. Sarah's Real Life

    I like to mix my “me” time with my blogging time. Like the couple hours I sit on the couch after dinner watching TV, I have my laptop on me editing photos and getting the next day’s post scheduled. It might not work for everyone, but it makes me feel like I’m not “working” on my blog…I’m just hangin’ out on the internet while I channel surf like a regular lazy person πŸ™‚

    Sarah’s Real Life (Bead for Life giveaway in progress…)

  8. Emily

    This is wonderful, and a topic that I don’t think is discussed enough as so many of the biggest names in blogging have in fact made that their full time career and don’t seem to have unrelated 9-5 jobs. Planning ahead with an editorial calendar has been tremendously helpful– I try to have at least ten days’ worth of posts done ahead of time. I have to say one challenge I’m still trying to figure out and overcome is the actual photographing for the outfit posts. I don’t see daylight after work, and I don’t feel right asking my photographer to get out of bed half an hour earlier in the morning for my sake. I have to plan for weekends, and sometimes Saturdays just have to become photoshoot day!

    • RikaConfesses

      I have the same problem. Half the year its completely dark when I get off work , and I don’t really have a “photographer”. I’ve had my husband or a friend take a snapshot for me, but they don’t really have the patience to take and retake until its right like I want to. I wouldn’t mind posting outfit pics that are casual and are just taken during whatever im doing.. but im the photographer out of my friends, and if I don’t take pictures, no one does.

      Consequently I just don’t do outfit posts very often, and when I do, they are taken with the timer. I got a gorrilla pod tripod (it has flexible arms that grab onto thing) which helps, but id really just like to be able to be both in front of the camera and behindvit at the same time. The timer is also not a great solution at night.. the huge flash draws way to much attention, and its difficult to set up a tripod in a restaraunt, ect.

      I’ve thought about trying to find another blogger to occasionally trade photography with, but haven’t found anyone in Dallas who seems like a good fit.

  9. Rachelle Porsenna

    I have a full-time job and blog part time. I used to shoot my outfit post every morning before work but quickly realized this was a bad idea. Some mornings are just hectic and I cannot be late for work as I have a long commute. So whenever i have some down time I plan outfits on polyvore or just on my notes app. Over the weekend I shoot 2 or three of these looks and still shoot in the morning if I have time. If I’m going out on weekends i shoot these outfits as well. I make sure to always be 2 weeks ahead just in case i get tired or sick. On my lunch break I tweet, pin and interact with other blogs.

    On Friday nights I usually stay home to edit all the pics and upload them to WordPress. I take a break on Saturdays and on Sundays I finish up the posts and try to respond to all my comments. I also try to spend 1 hour a day doing only blog work. I now post 4 times a week after I studied my traffic pattern. My goal for this year is quality content over quantity.


  10. Miranda

    Thank you so much for posting this! I appreciate you talking about part-time bloggers and how to maximize our time because the reality is that part-time bloggers are the majority of the blog world! I know for me personally, it took a few months before I worked out a blogging schedule that works with my life. I always shoot on Saturday and Sunday, and post on Tuesday and Thursday. That way I am shooting what I actually wear (nothing is ever staged unless if I’m really in a bind), which keeps my blog feeling authentic. The only downfall is that I don’t get to post very much about the outfits that I wear to work, but I try to incorporate them in during the summer when there are more sunlight hours and I can shoot after work. I’m looking forward to reading other comments to see how other bloggers manage their time as well πŸ™‚

  11. Nikki Hodum

    Another great article! I work a full time job, have a side graphic design business/ etsy shop and have my blog, so I have to manage my time really wisely. I have found that scheduling posts for the week really helps, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day! My husband takes my pictures and I (attempt to) bounce blog ideas off of him, so we incorporate together time with blog time! He actually has started having fun taking the pictures!

  12. Zoe

    This is a great post! I am on holidays from work at the moment so finding time to blog has been no trouble, but I am worried about how I will keep up after I go back, eek! Your tips have been really helpful, I really need to make sure I focus and don’t get distracted browsing… xx

  13. dorisgloria

    The bet showed up in parades several developers during the design and style a few several weeks in South America revealed that the periods styles for spring / summer a few several weeks interval a few several weeks and fall / winter time interval.

  14. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I work a 9-5 desk job but have a lot of down time and freedom so I do a lot of blog stuff when I’m slow at work. But taking pics happens on the weekend when I have time! It’s much more fun to plan my outfits in advance and shoot them all at once.

    • RikaConfesses

      TweetDeck is the best I’ve found, for my purposes. It does facebook and twitter, but I’ve had some issues with it having bugs with scheduling picture posts. I haven’t been using it recently (I have been doing all real-time posts) so maybe they’ve worked this out. I also wish I could find something that did Google+ as well.

    • Heidi

      Hootsuite is perfect for this. Integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

      I try to take 15-20 minutes every Friday to schedule at least 1 update daily for the following week using Hootsuite. That way if I’m busy, out of town, sick or otherwise unavailable, I’m not completely silent on social media.

  15. Hey Mishka

    Good tips! I also prefer to schedule several posts in one sitting than to blog every day, but it depends on the week. I’m a freelance content developer, editor and stylist aside from being a blogger, and time can become gruesomely scarce, so I keep pretty strict to-do lists and have an alarm set for every 3 hours, it reminds me to stay on track and squeeze the most possible productivity out of the day.


  16. Jeannie

    Very helpful tips! Working and school and trying to maintain a blog can be crazy as times. Scheduling a “blogging” time is very helpful

  17. Lauren Williams

    Great ideas. I’ve definitely thought about shooting multiple looks at once. I mainly just incorporate blogging into the chunks of time where I am free. I also like to save time by bringing my camera and equipment to class and shooting on my walk back home. It makes you look at things differently when your trying to find an interesting place to set-up.


  18. Lydia

    I’m a student and just started blogging! Its been hard, but I make use of my weekend to do things related to my blog. Thanks for the post!

  19. April

    It’s so nice to read an article that’s geared towards us part-timers! I’m a full-time teacher and a mom of two little ones…so I know that my time is very valuable! The great thing about blogging is that you can do it in pieces. I usually shoot pictures one day, edit on another, type posts the next…

    I also found for me, that sometimes it’s best to take outfit photos after I’ve worn the outfit. Like I might put something super fabulous together for work, then wait until the weekend to go back and take pictures when I have the time!

    Knocked Up Fabulous

  20. Nengi Willie-Pepple

    I don’t have a full time job but I have a full time uni life/projects/deadlines and I love blogging so much, but I also want a 1st at the end of the academic year. Juggling or what?! :/ haha

    This article was ever so helpful, thanks! xx

  21. Mayette

    These are fantastic tips!

    I usually edit photos at night, and then write my post during my lunch break at work the next day. πŸ™‚

  22. Barbara

    At first, blogging and work was a nightmare but now I have established a routine. I actually blog from my desk at work and sometimes from home (any time of the week) when my internet connection is working.

    Recently though, even without internet connection, I devised a way to keep the blog up and running – edit and watermark pics at home, draft blog posts with titles and arrangements and just upload and schedule everything when I get to work.

    The main thing for me is the constant passion and desire and this has helped me keep it running so far.
    Thanks for this post Taylor

    Lagos, Nigeria

  23. Nadya Helena

    I definitely agree that juggling real life – blog life can be difficult. I’m an engineering student and my life is so full of school work. Thinking what to post next can be quite a challenge after a day full of taking care of your life. So yes, I definitely think that planning up ahead is a big deal. I have a written schedule of what I need to do, and I always end up getting behind my schedule. A little ambition and persistence is definitely needed in the formula I guess.


  24. Belinda

    I work from 9.30 til 5.30 monday to friday at my receptionist job. I always try to do product photoshoots/fashion outfits & videos at the weekend when it’s the best lighting. I draft up posts through the week then when I’ve edited the photo’s after work I schedule them. I must say it’s very hard to make video’s and blog while working full time and I’d love to be able to spend more time to dedicate myself to my blog but I love my job! Especially with the darker nights in the UK it’s harder to take photo’s after work, can’t wait for summer!

  25. Hannah Olive

    I only just started my blog so I want to spend lots of time on it but I’ve got so much work from a levels and im starting another fashion course this week aswell, so theres not much time but this helped !! I’ll know how to handle it in the future when my blog gets started properly πŸ™‚

  26. Peet

    To have posts lined up, that’s the best piece of advice, period. And shoot more than one look at a time – a golden rule. Nobody actually believes you’re dressed in that outfit while posting it.:)

  27. rachel

    I’m a part- time blogger and find these tips very I get busier with work I dont even have a designated day anymore( used to be Sundays) to get my posts all out. Working on that now, trying to find fresh ideas on how to present whatever topic I’m covering. My fb shows alot my personal style and I update with relevant posts that fall within my style aesthestic so I’m not forgotten.

  28. Kin A Boutique

    As new bloggers these tips do come in handy. At the end of the day time must be scheduled to make the Blog happen! Assigning days and times from the week helps you focus while many of us fashion bloggers juggle school and jobs.

    Visit to SHOP and READ Kin!

  29. Carol Speake

    I have a blogging calendar and notebook. I jot down ideas as they come to me and try to adhere to some sort of schedule if possible.

  30. Althea

    This post is well needed for new bloggers like myself. I have been struggling to find a balance with blogging and my personal life. I am a law student and work as an adviser, which leaves very little time for anything else. My problem seems to be that once I get on my computer, I tend to browse the internet, read other blogs that I follow and so on…this takes up the majority of my time.
    Moving forward, I will definitely schedule my post ahead of time. Take my photos on Saturdays and really plan ahead.
    Thanks IFB for the motivation to get organized.
    Cheers xo
    (enter the giveaway for “The Body Shop”

  31. Heidi

    Great tips!

    Since I also have a full-time job, the only way I can keep up is by planning posts ahead of time. I’ve now gotten to the point that I have always have a month’s worth of content in my editorial calendar and I’m writing and scheduling my posts about 2 weeks ahead.

    In the middle of each month, I plan the next month and then put all of the tasks for writing posts and scheduling them in WordPress into Remember the Milk. That breaks down all of the work that’s required into just a few things each day. It’s a lot less overwhelming that way!

    As for social media, it also helps to have a clear purpose to focus your time. For example, every day I try to reply to 2-3 people on Facebook and Twitter and share 1 link that’s not my own. That way it doesn’t feel like I’m only on there to be on there. I also know that when I’ve done that (or close), I should stop and move on to something else.

  32. lidia Alvarez

    It is a little difficult for me to post at a certain time, as my traffic pattern is not well, a pattern just yet. I am trying to do better about gather research ahead of time, and planning blogs. but consistantcey is always the issue. especially since my blog is really more of a news site. hopefully with more traffic, ill be inspired to keep going. till then, please visit my site :

  33. Debbie

    Thank you for the awesome tips everyone! I just began blogging in January this year and I’ll be starting university in a couple weeks, so this came at a great time.

    I’ve started scheduling posts at two or three every week, and I have posts planned for up until March πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to keep this going so thank you IFB.