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We're always trying to keep our keyboard-tapping fingers on the pulse of cool, new start ups that benefit bloggers. We recently talked to Tom Hamilton, one of the co-founders of LookBible, a bookmarklet tool that focuses exclusively on fashion finds. Below, he talks about how LookBible distinguishes itself and can benefit fashion bloggers.


What makes Lookbible different from other curation and bookmarklet tools already out there?


Our fashion algorithm. It helps the user discover fashion that is relevant to them. Based on what you post to the website, the algorithm finds images and products that we think you will love. It's like having your own personal shopping assistant running around the stock rooms of the Internet helping to style you.  And if you don't want to post content? Then you can start following users who do and get daily inspiration by checking out what they are adding.

How can this tool benefit fashion bloggers?


We make sure that anything that is posted on LookBible links back to it's source. So if you upload content from your blog, users will find your blog and be directed there. User can also include a link to their blog on their profile page. Plus, anyone can comment on any images on the site. This offers bloggers another opportunity to express their opinion and direct people back to their blog. We're a very blogger-focused site because we understand that it's bloggers that help sites like us grow. Almost all of our product decisions have been based on feedback we've had from bloggers.

Who is using LookBible?


One of our first users and a real advocate of the site is Jill Adams of Street Style London fame. She has been a really active member of the community. Her great images set the bar high. Ella Catliff from La Petite Anglaise has recently joined and we've seen some great posts from her. Perhaps the biggest blogger in terms of her reach is FleurdeForce. Her YouTube channel has over 480,000 subscribers and she was one of our earliest adopters.

Can bloggers use link shorteners for affiliate links in their images?


At the moment no. In the new year we will be releasing a new feature that let's bloggers link their LookBible account to Skimlinks. This will mean that they can take commission on any sales they generate through LookBible!

Why did you start Lookbible, and what do you hope that it accomplishes?


We started LookBible after noticing how much time our girlfriends were spending looking at clothes online. They always seemed to have 6 or 7 browser windows open. Some would be blogs, some would be shops, and they never seemed to find what they were looking for. This led to frustrated girlfriends which any guy will tell you is not good!  We thought that we could solve this problem. And that is where LookBible has come from. It's been created to help people easily discover fashion that is relevant to them. The site is growing every day and as is becoming a powerful tool. It's still early days but the feedback from the girlfriends is good!


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11 Responses

  1. Tiffy Diamond

    This seems really interesting I will have to check it out. In regards to the style of the site, sounds like a mix of Pandora, Pinterest and The Fancy. It might be really cool. Also, if it’s showing me clothes I may like, I would like the option to hit dislike if it doesn’t fit my tastes. That way it won’t show me that designer, style, or perhaps color again. Just a thought, if it doesn’t already have that feature.


  2. Tom Hamilton

    Hey Tiffy, good idea. We’ve been considering improving the algorithm with a ‘Not My Style’ button. It’s great to get this type of feedback so thanks.

  3. jCa

    What a great piece, Taylor, thank you!

    There’s so many reasons why I love LookBible – I’m finding now that I’m only using facebook (for friends, mostly) not going near Twitter, and instead of posting on Pinterest, I find I’m only posting (and re-posting) on LookBible, mainly because it’s so easy, but also because the small, growing community – mostly female, very often bloggers – is just so NICE.

    Very much the editorial mood of IFB – very compatible communities. It’s not about competition, but rather generosity of spirit.

    And you’ve got huge generosity of spirit, Taylor. I’m blown away that you did this to help raise LookBible’s profile: it’s very early days and it’s growing simply thru word of mouth, like a little secret club – and this is much appreciated. xox

  4. Sharlotte

    Love the LookBible so much! Totally left Pinterest behind once I joined haha

  5. sacramento

    Not convinced. It reminds me of a wold tmblr. Cannot compit with Pinterest or Looksoup at the moment.
    Wishing them good luck.
    Always inspiring and finding new paths, Taylor.

  6. Madison Emily Feldman

    This reminds me of wanelo. I still am going to venture onto this site and see what it is truly about. I love seeing great and interesting new things.

    Madison xoxo

  7. clairelynette

    Even though I like to call myself a blogger I’m so very not tech savvy, but this looks like something I can be comfortable with. I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for the introduction!

    Style Method