What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Graph Search

Today, Facebook announced a new tool in development for it's over 1 billion users: Graph Search. This search, currently still in Beta, allows users to create a much more specific field to find information. Think of it as a new, smarter way to navigate your connections on Facebook and make them more useful.

It's still so new that it won't be available to all users quite yet, and based on the news we've heard from the press event so far today, privacy is of top concern.

Cnet is live-blogging the event as Facebook executives and developers discuss what Graph Search can do, and here are a few examples:

You can search “restaurants in SF, California, liked by Culinary Institute of America graduates.” This returns an array of restaurants — but not based on your friends. This is narrow search that Google and other don't do.

Tom uses another example: “Music liked by people who like Mitt Romney.” Then he does the same for “Barack Obama.” Common result: The Beatles.

Then he searched “photos of my friends before 1990” and up come a number of photos of kids. There is one of Sheryl Sandberg from 1972. And the audience gives an “awwwww.”

 What does this mean for bloggers?


Zuckerberg said the focus of Graph Search for now is people, places, photos and interests. People will be able to search by shared common interests as well as information that is “public” which could help people find your blog's page.

We're definitely intrigued by this new concept, though it's only rolling out by hundreds of thousands of people at a time, which is relatively slow. So now, we wait.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/graphsearch, or read about it on Facebook's blog.


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6 Responses

  1. Andrew

    This is going to be awesome for Facebook. It’s nice to be able to search for exactly what you want, but I’m sure Google will catch up soon.

  2. Vicky

    @ Andrew: Google search is going bad.. no longer does it come up with relevant searches most of the time.. however facebook can very well do that if they partner with bing… google might just loose its edge if they dont pull up their socks.

  3. Bianca

    This is great! I can’t wait to see more of it. It is great news for bloggers because not only does it make out blogs more accessible but it also makes it easier to locate geographically and is reinforced by other in the community. Way to go Facebook!