Take Your Blog from Hobby to Business With This Mental Shift


I’ve asked the question here before, “Why do you blog?” It’s often for community, a creative outlet, or possibly part of a business plan. If you love fashion and beauty, it’s great fun. But I also believe that every person wants to help. Don’t you feel good when someone asks your advice, whether it’s if they should call the guy back or stand-up to their boss? Don’t you love it when someone asks for the recipe for that dessert or how you lost those 10 lbs? And so, you blog to help people _____.

What are you teaching your readers?


The next time you’re stuck for content or feeling lost as to the direction of your blog, this is a great Q. You might be teaching them how to shop on a budget, plan a wedding in less than 6 months, or find plus-size fashion online even if they live in a small town. Ask yourself what a reader gains from your blog.

Who are they now & who do they want to be a year from now?


Taylor recently wrote a piece on the evolution of The Man Repeller. We will all grow in the next year, as will our readers. A year from now they might have gotten a promotion thanks in part to their corporate chic wardrobe, seen themselves in a new “hot mom” light or found more confidence through learning how to dress for their shape. All thanks to your blog as you considered how to help them grow to their fullest potential.

What journey are you taking them on?


Some blogs are not about simplifying the everyday, but inspiring and aspiring to the someday. I tune into Cherry Blossom Girl and A Girl, A Style because they provide a lovely daydream over a cup of tea. They remind me I want beauty and loveliness in my life, and to seek that out. If you want to be a place of escape, ponder what your reader is dreaming about that you can make come to life.

Asking these questions takes you from being a hobby blogger and puts you in the mindset of an entrepreneur. You’re not running a site just for you, just for fun. You’re offering something to the community.

There’s a reason why people keep coming back, following you on multiple platforms and telling their friends about you. It’s because you hear them, you speak to them and you guide them down a path to something they might not have had without you. Embrace your potential to lead, live up to the power the Internet grants you and make a statement that people could be listening to for years to come.

What does your ideal reader want to learn? Who’s she or he on the path to becoming? What blogs do you read because they teach you something or take you on a journey?


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  1. Danielleklle

    I love this piece. These questions are great ways to become inspired when writing content, posting brands and sharing ideas with readers. It’s much like a business in the sense that they always put the “customer” first. So in my world, I try to put my readers first!

    Thanks for the great article!

  2. Stella

    what a great way to think! …will for sure ask myself these questions a bit more often, and hopefully my little blog will grow!

  3. Sofie - Little Makeup Face

    I’m definitely going to ask myself What does your ideal reader want to learn? That’s my goal. I want people to learn what I know and to be able to help them. I loveee what I do and really enjoy coming up with ideas of things that I would myself search for. Maybe I’m not that good but hopefully someone will learn something useful while going through my blog.

  4. Sania Claus Demina


    can’t wait until IFB release a book haha, would be awesome to be able to have all this incredible content in a heavy printed form.

  5. Eva Tornado

    I am a journalist. From the beggining of my blogging I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with my followers, and I wanted to take a part in some interesting projects and I always spend all my time for blog, so I can say – now it is the main business of my life=) Maybe now it doesn’t bring me the money, but I think that with time I will have a best projects and collaborations in my life =) That’s what I want – a good job that I really like, and that is a part of my life=)

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  6. Barbara

    At the beginning of this year when I wrote my new year post, this is one of the things I decided to incorporate into my blog so at least once a week/twice a month I have a solid how-to post that is based mainly from my own personal experience and which people can relate with.
    It gives me a sense of truly imparting into people’s lives (don’t know why but it does, lol)

    Lagos, Nigeria

  7. A Girl, A Style

    Oh Hilary, I always get so much out of your weekly IFB posts, and this one is especially great! Thank you so much as always.

    P.S. Thank you for the sweet mention!

    Briony xx