IFB Project #80: Menswear… For Everyone

Menswear is the talk of the fashion community right now, with fashion weeks wrapping up in Florence, Milan and Paris. It's also a fast-growing sector of the apparel market – thanks in large part to the Internet.

While the menswear bloggers are certainly a smaller part of the IFB community, we know that you're out there and producing great content and of course, wearing really great clothes.

This week's project has a little bit of an ambiguous goal, but hear me out: Let's celebrate menswear – all of us – men and women alike!

I know I love a good blazer, brogue and button-down shirt, and so do many stylish ladies. For the ladies, create a look or a post that showcases your favorite menswear or menswear-inspired pieces. What about a tribute to your favorite tomboys? It could be suiting or streetwear, sneakers or double monkstrap shoes. For the guys, maybe you'll pick your favorite pieces for the winter season, your style icons, or create a great look to share. Just make sure your post fits into the stated rules below, and submit by 10 am on Wednesday (extended hours!).

1. Your post must mention somewhere (it can be small and at the bottom if you like) that it is a submission for the IFB project, with a hyperlink to the IFB post.

2. Your post must have been created within the week that the project was posted.

The reason we are doing this is to make the project fair to those who put in effort to create original content for the project each week. If your post does not meet these criteria, it will not be chosen for the round up post. We want to encourage and inspire creativity in the community, so we hope that by making our guidelines more specific, the results will be even better!

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13 Responses

  1. Akim

    Hello guys,

    I’m part of IFB family, and I’m 200% menswear independent blog…
    Please check it out !


  2. Clara

    entered! turns out menswear inspires a goldmine of topics for feminist pondering.

  3. Bronwyn

    Wow… I’m in the midst of blogging about Fall 2013 menswear collections & saw this post. What a timing… Will definitely submit it soon. 🙂

  4. Sheela Goh

    As I commented on one of the links above, it seems that Menswear has always managed to hold onto that little “something, something” extra in which to captivate and retain our attention. It’s as though the act of having to build a garment based on functionality first, then form, has actualised in designs incorporating many tongue-in-cheek chic details so often acutely absent in womenswear. I’ve personally always admired the work of Paul Smith and his ability to add a touch of whimsy into all his collections. Zegna is beauty and refinement personified when it comes to clothing for men, the perfect marriage of aesthetics + practicality. I think I might enter this challenge, push myself a tad and see if the tomboy within me comes out to play 🙂

    Sheela Goh