Tips For Taking Your Blog Content In A New Direction

new blogging directions

I started my blog in the beginning of 2009 and the topic of fashion came naturally to me: I loved fashion, I knew a lot about it and I never ran out of writing inspiration. My blogging adventure actually started because my brother insisted that I start blogging and sharing my tips and tricks because I was so consumed with this topic.

As the time went by my blog became a big part of me and my everyday life, but at the same time I started developing other interests – in particular a love for food and photography.


Every time I would take a nice photo or bake a new cake, I wished I was able to write about it on my blog. But a blog by the name of had no room for macaroons or city guides. It was very clear: the blog was about fashion and style advice! After nearly four years of writing pages and pages about fashion and only fashion, came to life! I took the big step at the end of 2012 and here are some of the things I learned throughout the process of pivoting my blog's direction.

Taking the big step:

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If you're thinking about changing your blog topic completely or adding a new topic to your existing one, there are some important points to consider.

  • Are you passionate about the topic you want to add?

Be sure that this new topic you're adding is your passion and not something that you currently find interesting and fascinating – you want to be able to deliver on this new promise for a long time and not confuse your readers by changing it again after a short while. You also want to blog about your true passion and not about something you think people want to read about – only that way will you come off genuine and interesting.

  • Are your new topics a natural fit?

Just because you're interested in two completely different topics, it doesn't mean that they're a natural fit for others. That said, there are countless ways to make topics fit nicely together, but keep in mind the fact that you want to be original but still approachable to many.

  • Does your domain name fit the blog topics?

Maybe your blog name is as neutral as can be, but maybe it's very specific like mine used to be. It took me quite some time to come up with a new name that I felt embodied the topics of my ‘new' blog. I also went away from a very SEO friendly domain name to something that was more creative and cute.

The pros and cons:


Today, I feel a lot more inspired and motivated to blog. Even though fashion is a very broad topic and there are endless areas within it to cover {latest trends, celebrity style, personal style etc.} there are days when you feel uninspired. With a more personal approach, the blog becomes an extension of your everyday life.

At the same time there are some technical issues that will no doubt stand in your way, if you for instance change your blog name and URL. Your Google rank will most likely be affected, Facebook won't let you change your Page name {only the URL}, and not all of your old followers will be pleased with the change.

Making it personal:


After I started blogging about topics that are far more personal, adding personal style pictures, showing glimpses of my apartment and telling some more personal stories, my blog has blossomed. Even though it was successful before when it was more about general fashion and less about me, I now feel more attached to it – after all it has my face on the front page.

If you feel like you want to have more creative space within your blog and the only way to get it is to add new topics – I say go for it. Think long and hard about the different ideas you have and choose only what comes naturally to you. If the readers can feel the person behind the blog shine through and feel the engagement, you're well on your way!

By Milana Saric, Tasty Pretty Things

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38 Responses

  1. Andrew

    I love blogs that are personal and where I can read on more than one topic. It’s hard to incorporate two different ideas into one blog, but it can work. I also love it when fashion and food combine.

  2. Rachel

    Luckily the name of my blog allowed for it, but while I still post outfit posts and other glimpses into my life into the mix, my blog has morphed into a food blog with lifestyle content thrown in for good measure, from a fashion blog over the last 4 years – and I think that it is all the better for it!

  3. Nadya Helena

    I can definitely understand what it feels like to drive through another direction with blogging. At first my blog was about style tips, fashion news, personal style and stuff like that. But a few months back I grew a love for illustrating and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since, and since I already have a blog anyway I decided to share my illustrations in my blog. Best thing that happened to me, in my opinion, and maybe I need to diversify more


  4. Stella

    My blog is about t-shirts and I also have started an online t-shirt shop. This blog is working good for my business.

  5. Barbara

    Lol, the name of my blog is Barbara & 1923 and the url is so I pretty much can do anything I like.
    I however started out as a core makeup blogger (being a makeup artist and all) but recently I have veered into natural hair and a little bit of food & fashion on Instagram. Everyone seems to be loving it so I am looking into merging them all.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  6. Kajsa J. Andersen

    Gave me things to ponder over. As my blog url is my name, fortunately that creates playroom
    Feel that Iยดve found what I want to blog about, has taken some time, but I agree that the posts should flow together naturally.

    xoxo, KJ

  7. Lydia

    Thanks for the tip! But I have to say if you change your blog’s topic and it was predominantly about fashion, some of your regular readers might be unhappy…that was what I felt anyway when I followed certain bloggers for fashion only and they started veering into another topic :/

  8. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    Facebook let my change my page name. In fact I just did it the other day and all my stats stayed the same!

  9. Becky Bedbug

    This is great advice. I moved from being pretty much just a shopping blog to a fashion and lifestyle blog. Luckily, my blog name is very neutral so it was just a matter of slowly progressing between the two foci.

    My blog has grown since I changed and I’m so much happier with it!


  10. Mary

    This is exactly what I am working on right now. My previous blog had a name that actually fit my typically fiery personality, but not my writing style. You’d think the two would match, but my writing style is generally more fun and upbeat. And I really didn’t want every post of mine to reflect something of a more fiery nature. I had been contemplating making the switch for nearly a year, but my stubbornness got the best of me. It wasn’t until a post mishap I had (due to a glitch with my host) that made me take the plunge. I have have spent the last several days working on “behind the scenes” stuff for my new blog…everything from a mission/goal to personal guidelines to examples of brands and companies that would fit with what I want to accomplish. I have already purchased the domain name…and it is a MUCH better fit for me and how I want my blog to be portrayed. I am hoping to go live within the next few weeks. I may lose some readers, my ranking will drop, etc. But I will be much happier with the choice to go in the direction I know is best.

  11. Sheyla

    Love this post! Very inspiring.
    I’ve been thinking of changing the blog into something more open than just fashion so I changed the name to something that’s not directly related to fashion but still attractive to potential readers. I LOVE my blog now even more than before.

  12. Lipstick and a White Tee

    Hi! Facebook does let you change the name of the page, but one once ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Mary

    I forgot to mention that facebook does allow you to change the page name under two conditions:
    1. It can only be done one time
    2. You can only do it if you have under 200 likes

    If you have already changed it before, or if you have over 200 likes, you would have to create a new page. The confusion may come if you created your page before this policy update, since it used to be that you weren’t allowed to ever change it…or if you already have over 200 likes so it isn’t giving you the option.

    • Milana - TastyPrettyThings

      Yeah you’re right I forgot to mention it in the text about the ”under 200 likes” rule. My has over 3000 so I have no way of changing it and I don’t want to lose the page I have now ๐Ÿ™

  14. Drew @ Catfish & Caviar

    Very true! Im lucky to have started mine as a lifestyle blog because of my indecisive nature to focus on one thing. It would be hard to transition from a fashion blog to food or beauty to interior design! But in the end all that matters is that your loyal readers stick with you!

  15. Catherine

    I just decided to do this at the beginning of this year, although I’m starting from sewing/crafting/food and wanting to expand more into fashion. Any tips for someone just delving into the fashion blogging world? (Especially someone who has their own definite style preference, not necessarily what is trendy/popular at the moment.)
    Great article!


    • Milana - TastyPrettyThings

      Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I think a lot of women have their own style, but everyone likes to be inspired. Make sure to keep your blog personal and stay true to your style, but try to reach out to more by giving some tips on how to dress where etc.

      Hope it’ll be a success!


  16. Mary EKlectic

    I’m super A.D.D. and I actually prefer blogs that cover a variety of topics! I’m a very eclectic person myself which is why I chose to make my blog just as eclectic. And this (plus my initials) is why I chose the name for my blog!

    Also, in the U.S., Facebook will let you change the name of a business page if it’s in the right category, such as local busines. There’s a form that has to be filled out to make a request for it and Facebook has to approve it. I changed my photography business page on Facebook about half a year ago, but, knowing Facebook, the rules might have changed since then.

  17. Miranda

    I have 4 separate blogs at the moment and I cannot keep up with all of them so they will get neglected once and a while and I think it would be a really good idea to integrate them into my largest blog, but I’m not totally sure if I should just make it a lifestyle blog or fashion, photography, beauty, DIY and some personal stuff blog haha. Thank you for this post it helped!


  18. Lisa

    I honestly feel that this post was tailor made for me! I am right now in the process of having my blog re designed and with that better content. I have a fashion blog but have felt an urge to add a bit more of my opinions regarding everyday life. I love my blog and strongly feel the need to add a bit of ”me” into it. Also, I am deleting all my post that i’ve done thus far- which is close to 50 since starting in mid 2013. I believe there’s a way to do this. I am fully committed to bettering my blog. Even if a I lose a few followers.