SEO-Friendly Basic Blogging Rule: Text is Meant to be Text.


The most important thing I’ve learn about seo-friendly text is that text is meant to be text, period. We all know your compositions with photos and text look great on a JPG (and your followers must love them), but the true story is that if you want people to find your blog through seach engines, text on a image is not getting you there. Browsers are smart but they still cannot read images.

I became aware of this fact the hard way. I used to think “If I keep posting about my highest-ranking search term, why can’t I see results?” Well, little did I know it was because all my content was on a super pretty image, with cute typography and an amazing design (at least to me it was amazing).

Search engines like Google use algorithms to search through your blog and categorize the content on it. This algorithm looks for text, so what is actually powerful about having images on your posts is the title, description and alternative text you assign to each one of them.

To spare you the trouble I experienced, I've listed these 5 basic and simple SEO text guidelines to put in practice when you are creating new posts for your blog.


1. Let your words be text and keep your writing style simple. Even though you might sound very professional using fancy words, most people use and digest casual language when they're online. (For example, The New York Times is written at about an 8th grade reading level.)

2. Give your images a proper and descriptive name. Girl, nobody is searching for “img_1989” when looking to find images of red dresses!

3. Both Blogger and WordPress have the option to give your images a specific title and alternative text. Take an extra minute to fill them in and help browsers categorize your images better.

4. Put your keywords in your post titles. This is where they can be most powerful.

5. Don’t forget to write naturally. I know they power of keywords but nobody likes phrases like this one: “Yellow shoes are in, I love yellow shoes, yellow shoes are my favorite ones, yellow shoes, yellow shoes, yellow shoes!” You could end up losing some readers for being phony, and even search engines know when you are trying to cheat.

What have you learned about SEO-friendly text the hard way?


By Esa Mtz, of Fashion Blog Mexico.

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  1. Bisous Natasha

    I’m still getting to grips with SEO and feel like I’m only making a teeny tiny difference when writing. LOL. But I guess some posts stand out more than others, especially when they deal with an important event happening somewhere. i.e Fasion Week, therefore you would get more hits online

  2. Heidi

    Case in point: the main image with this post is named “image3.jpg” and the alt text is “image.” 😉

  3. BikePretty

    I try really hard to incorporate SEO tactics into my posts. I even use a WordPress plug-in called “WordPress SEO by Yoast” that grades my posts in terms of how optimized they are. It’s been really helpful, but keep in mind that SEO is not an exact science!

    I also take the time to tag my images with alt text keywords and it seems like half of my new traffic is coming from google image searches, so I guess it’s working?

    However, if you’re looking for Pinterest or Tumblr gold, text on images seems to work amazingly well. It might be worth to make a special version for those platforms that points back to your blog.

  4. Jill @ Classy with a Kick

    The most important thing with SEO is to make sure your phases and words are relevant to your post. If you want to rank for ‘”sparkly red shoes” – write about them. Use that in your title and your body content. It wont be hard to use specific keywords if that is actually what you are talking about in your post. Make sure to write for you and your audience, not just for the google bots! If people love your content, they will share it which will definitely help drive traffic and boost your rank.

  5. I Heart Black

    Some SEO tips I was already using but somehow I almost every time forget to name my pictures. (Note to self: Should not forget! Should not forget! Should not forget! Should not forget! Should not forget!)

  6. Sheyla

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve been doing some of this for a while (I get a lot of my non-social media referrers from Google Image Search) but I want to make my blog as SEO friendly as I can.

  7. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    “give your images a specific title and alternative text.”

    Yes, yes, yes. I’d say at least half of my traffic is a result of this–especially when you have a single post with Ryan Gosling shirtless.

  8. Tara

    Amazing. So incredibly helpful – just went through most of my posts to add title and alt text.

    Thank you once again IFB. Best resource on the internet for blogging

  9. Oksana Radionova

    And now to go through my old posts and add alt text… may take me a while. 😉 But very helpful info! I agree with Tara, IFB is one of my favorite reads every day!

  10. NaturallyNaija

    I’m slowly getting familiar with SEO but, with more practice & blogposts, I’ll get there!

  11. Alexandria Adair Vasquez

    This is great! I’m new to the blogosphere (just a couple months), and I’m only just now even figuring out what “SEO” even means.

    I added names and alt text to all of the images I could find in my posts so far, I’m eager to see if this will have an impact on my readership.

    Thanks for all the INVALUABLE information you come out with on a daily basis 🙂

  12. Lilli

    I’m new to (public) blogging and the whole idea of marketing my blog is still very strange to me. (People who’ve I’ve never even met will be looking at what I post? That’s so weird! And I want to find out how to get even more total strangers to see it? Even weirder!)

    But this is interesting. I’d have never thought of it. I’ve an awful lot of image renaming to get to then.

  13. Mary

    This is a great topic. I am trying to get more understanding about blogging, and recently posted photos on it. I think it shouldn’t consist just photos, but some content to make it worth while for readers. As for renaming images, my sites doesn’t give me the option to do that.

  14. Karishma Chopra

    Thanks for the tip, never really done that but from today onwards i am going to follow it.Lets hope i get to see some good changes on my website.Great article by the way 🙂