Covering Fashion Week: How To Do It In Your Own Way!


As a journalist and blogger, I have covered fashion week for 19 seasons (I know, crazy), and I can tell you that I STILL haven't figured out a 100% foolproof method to the madness.  I have, however, implemented some routine steps that have streamlined and simplified everything from what I carry in my bag for a 12-hour day packed with shows, to when I write and how I format my content and what I cover.

Since all of our blogs are wonderfully different, I can't necessarily dole out advice that works for all, but I'd like to propose some questions for you to think about, which will help to create the most effective content and manage your, and your readers expectations successfully, without getting too overwhelmed by the myriad of shows that were just seen.

What gets you most excited about Fashion Week?

This might be somewhat of a ‘duh' question, since fashion week can be so eye-opening and amazing, but I think upfront, ask yourself why you want do it — is it to be a part of the ‘action ? Are you using it to network and meet people?
Do you want to get your photo taken for wearing a great outfit? Are you addicted to the adrenaline rush of the lights going up and the music starting? Is there a designer whose show you've been dying to see?  Think about it, and be honest with yourself; this could be lead to a clear indication of what kind of coverage you should focus on.

Can you take some of your branded content — & give it a Fashion Week spin?

What do you offer readers that is unique, and intrinsically, one of the signature features of your blog? Can you take this column and give it a ‘fashion week edition' kind of spin? If you take outfit photos quite a bit, do it from fashion week. If you talk about DIY or give how-to advice, pick something that you see on the runway or even on a fashion week attendee, and give it a go. If you tend to report on fashion news and trends, wait until later in the week and do round ups on what you've been spotting.

How much do your readers care?

If you've covered it before, look at your analytics from last season to see what posts have done the best ((and the worst) from the week. Think about the demographics of your readers and what posts have evoked comments as well. Consider how familiar your readers may be with the designers showing, or the ones you plan to cover — are they household names? More obscure? Up-and-coming? Is that what your reader would truly like to know about? If you're going to carve out space on your blog for fashion week coverage, be sure that it is done in a way that your reader truly appreciates, regardless of you thinking it may be cool to attend.

When do you realistically plan to write?

This is the final step that should cement what kind of coverage you provide, and when you can do it. If you have created a jam-packed schedule that hardly allows any time for you to grab food, then you shouldn't set promises of content for yourself that will be hard to meet, such as multiple posts per day. If you plan to largely post at the end, or even post-fashion week, this may permit you to frantically run from show to show without having to lug a laptop and chargers in tow.  I recently cut back on carrying around my laptop all day long, but since I had assignments due for other sites, I decided that most days I would leave shows by 8pm and wouldn't start any until 10 or 11am in order to write at the end of the day and each morning.

Think about how you can manage your schedule to match when you plan to write, and if you are dead set on posts throughout the week, buffer extra time in there to allow for grabbing some caffeine and nutrients to keep you going before you buckle down at the keyboard.


How have you covered fashion week, or intend to do so, from your own, unique perspective?

By Julia DiNardo, of Fashion Pulse Daily

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10 Responses

  1. Andrew

    Putting a personal spin on your fashion week posts can really make an article much more interesting. There are tons of basic fashion show reviews, but making something funny or reviewing something in your own way could attract more readers. Great tips!

  2. Angela Belcastro

    Thank you for tips Julia.
    I’ll cover Milan Fashion week by sharing in real time catwalks fotos on Twitter and Pinterest and writing posts in the evening in order to share my unique perspective on fashion trends. It will be hard but it is an amazing week to live.

  3. Incognito

    This a great article above all regarding the “why” you want to go to FW and “how” you will cover it.

    FW is interesting but I would like to see more different brands not only the same featured that is why eventhough I won’t attend any show, I will dig for designers my readers don’t know and since I’m not a blogger with a big budget I will try to find emerging designers that are wearable and whose prices are interesting for my readers. I think this is a point that we tend to forget, fashion is sure here for inspire but it is also be here to be worn, and unless you’re super rich or a super famous blogger it will be hard to wear what you see on the catwalks.

    Thank you for the article !

    Shug Avery of Incognito

    • Swati Ailawadi

      I think this is a great approach…. to share wearable fashion and also talk about designers lesser known. Fits the bill to the content I like to read. Looking forward to reading your blog during Fashion weeks !

  4. Swati Ailawadi

    19 seasons worth of wisdom ! Wow! Great tips and some very realistic questions each on of us can ask ! Since I would be covering my first season this time, I would experiment with the content and designers covered, so that I can look back on the analytics later. A few seasons down, maybe the niche will be carved 🙂 Thanks for the help Julia !

    The Creative Bent

  5. James

    Putting my own creative spin to what I think is the no brainer here but I’m writing my post on fashion week based on the eyes of the every day type of guy like myself. I think in today’s fashion blogging community it is a large portion of women. I believe that there needs to be more men out there getting into this life and I personally would love to see some more male perspective on fashion week. Don’t get me wrong the ladies do a fantastic job but, even here on IFB it’s very limited to what content is based towards men

  6. Iyetade

    I covered Berlin Fashion Week 2013, and it was hectic. Having a schedule with a couple of misc. hours are essential. I like the idea of having in your mind if your going to try to do post per day, or if your going to do a wrap up because it helps you better focus on the task at hand.
    I hope to cover a show or two for NYFW this Feb. fingers crossed!

  7. Fashionista TrishaTrixie

    This is my first year. Also i am now a NEW Fashion Blogger for a local paper as well as my blog and they want me to cover it as regularly as possible for them. I am going to give it my all but we will see how it goes. I am pretty light hearted about things. I figure have fun, go with the flow, plan out, do your best and at the end fot he day remember to enjoy yourself and all will work out.