6 Tips To Avoid NYFW Blogger Burnout

how to avoid blogger burnout


With IFBcon and New York Fashion Week right around the corner, planning ahead to avoid burning out is crucial to keeping your content on game. Whether you’re flying in to scan the runways and meet up with fellow bloggers or slinging your editorial opinions from your hometown afar, these tips will prevent you from feeling like a stylish piece of burnt toast by day 3.shutterstock_85580260

1. Double check the basics.


Recently went through a blog layout metamorphosis? Need a new business card? Been lagging on a certain social media platform? It’s time to get those basic building blocks of your content and marketing plan back in line. Once the momentum of the season builds up, this is much harder to address. You don’t wanna be jacked up on espresso in line at Kinkos the night before a big networking event trying to solidify your branding, only to find that none of their printers work.

Make sure these items are up to date and on-brand:

About & Contact page

Business cards

Your blog’s tagline and other promotional copy

Social media platforms (and their profiles & bios)

Basic marketing strategy

Stats plug-ins

User-friendly comment interface

Your Etsy shop

Basic blog troubleshooting

2. Prep and pitch creative sponsored content.


Fashion week presents is an incredible window of opportunity for working with brands and creating sponsored content that is both seamlessly true to your blog and profitable to you as an editorial entity. We know that sitting back and waiting for an offer to land in our inbox doesn’t fly, so be proactive this season in brainstorming solid pitches to send off to brands you’d love to work with.

Draft up a list in your moleskin or start a Google Doc of ideas. Jot down additional info with each item, such as your brand contact and the rate you would charge for each specific project. Keep ROI in mind when you’re creating these to avoid getting yourself into an elaborate commitment that won’t pay off. Learn how to determine who you should collaborate with.

Tip: Remember not to limit yourself to a “one-post stand” with brands you want to work with. Mapping out your plan to establish a lasting relationship will pay off ten-fold in the long run.

3. Know what YOU want to get from your NYFW experience


Exposure and paychecks are delicious things, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture when start filling up your NYFW pipeline. Whether you’re tired of street style but want to Instagram close-ups of cool DIY jewelry, or you’d rather discuss what the front row is wearing than what’s coming down the runway, stay true. Ultimately you’ll be more satisfied and motivated when the (potentially exhausting) season is over to surge forward with a new set of incredible posts under your belt if you stick to what you love. No amount of money is worth BS-ing all over your blog just to please a brand or chase a writing trend.

4. Get organized, both digitally and physically


Productivity slows when things are a mess, and that applies to your computer, your closet, and your to-do list. Streamline your digital life, get your calendar in order, write your deadlines down, and do a clothing purge before mid-February. Remember: organized quickly leads to inspired.

5. Delegate (or just say no)


This is a huge one, and it goes beyond blogging. You don't have to say YES to every opportunity, as exciting as they all are. Doing so, in fact, will land you right in the toaster. It’s crucial that you have the confidence and common sense to turn down certain projects in order to give the right amount of focus to your editorial (and real life) priorities. Dying to work on something but don’t have the time? Consider enlisting other bloggers to approach it from a group perspective. Or, if you’re ready, get a digital assistant or an intern.

6. Maintain a stylish (but healthy) lifestyle


Champagne fountains, on-the-go-pastries (because we love to Instagram ‘em even more than we love to eat ‘em), deadlines that keep you up all night… sometimes it seems like running to catch a cab in six inch heels is the extent of our NYFW fitness plan. But seriously: more green shakes, less booze. Sleep at night. Drink lots of water and enjoy a steamy green tea instead of a jitter-inducing latte once in awhile. Impress a potential client or affiliate at a scrumptious raw food restaurant instead of a steak house. When you step outside to shoot that fabulous outfit photo, combine it with a brisk walk! Minor lifestyle adjustments can really make a difference in keeping your energy levels, mood, and productivity at its peak.


Are you putting any of these into motion right now? What other tips do you have for avoiding NYFW blogger burnout this year?


By Mishka of HeyMishka.com

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3 Responses

  1. Karina De Jesus

    Thanks so much for this article, Mishka! I was writing down my “1 week grand plan” or things i have to get done before I head to NY last night, and my list was very similar to what you have pointed out here. One thing I added was creating posts in advance so I don’t have to worry about it at 1 am in the morning after a long day of shows and networking.


    • Hey Mishka

      Totally agree — it’s harder to do that in the middle of FW when your content is acquired and published in the same 24 hours, but setting up the frame work for posts and adding some fillers is something you can totally do in advance. Thanks for the comment!