Blogging: Is That All There Is?

Blogging is that all there is


Most of us begin blogging without any grand vision of our future. We begin writing to fulfill a void in our life: maybe we just love fashion. Maybe we're channeling the energy post-breakup, move, or other major life crisis into a creative outlet. Maybe we're looking for others who think similarly; I began mine because I felt alone and isolated. I was living in a college town where I wasn't in school, and I felt looked down on by the people I met who were in school. It was as though my love of fashion made me shallow and unintelligent, and I knew that I could be intelligent and love shopping.

As I've moved beyond the feelings that created my blog,  I've struggled with a lingering doubt of, “is that all there is?

Some bloggers use blogging to find a natural path: they become consultants, stylists, or open their own stores.  Their fashion passion is journalism, and they find gigs writing for larger publications. Maybe they become ambassadors for brands, working to develop creative content. And a great many of us are satisfied with the day-to-day of simply creating new content.

But there are a handful of us who are balloons released in the air; bottles dropped in the ocean. Creating content for our sites and loving it, but eventually a sense of is that all there is? lingers in us. Our eyes are bright to the possibility of a future of something more, but we haven't figured out what that something more is.

The good news is– blogging: it's NOT all there is.


I've spent the last five years floundering a bit and trying to pave my way.  Each day, each post, each break, and each comment has brought me one more step closer to what I want. Every moment of doubt and questioning has found me another blogger friend who feels the same. These bring me a little more clarity to what I enjoy and what I want to leave behind.

If you're questioning your blogging, writing, or online experience, and find yourself asking, “is that all there is?” remember that a) if you're happy with it? It's okay that it is, b) it's okay to want something more, challenge yourself, and grow into another path, and c) put it out there. Send out a tweet or post it on Facebook. I bet you'll find a few souls out there feeling the same. Shoot them an email. Form a little blog-help group. I've got one, and I tell you– it's been wonderful: inspiring, reassuring, and reaffirming.

Now I'll end my blog-istential crisis with a little tune for you from the great Peggy Lee:

Do you find yourself wondering is that all there is? How have you combated that feeling?

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  1. QuirkyLifestyle

    Brilliant write-up and so very true. I’ve been there, done that failed, deleted blogs, still felt teh void and started all over again. I’m pre-empting the ‘is that all there is?’ and would love to hear of any blogger groups. Ann x

  2. Suzanne

    Great post. I am only new to blogging and the hardest part was just plucking up the courage to do it. Now that I am I am bursting at the seams with ideas as everything I see I turn into a potential post. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything creative whilst I am a creative person and so far just myself and my blog is more than enough to satisfy me

  3. Filipa

    I’ve been asking myself the same question for a very long time. By now, I’ve satisfied myself just with creating new posts, sharing photos and writing about my feelings. But I figured out that I want more than that, I’m just not sure what.
    Thank you for sharing this, I’ll definitely follow your advice!

    Filipa from

  4. Eva Tornado

    I’d started blogging after I’d moved in Portugal. I was feeling loneliness. I am journalist but I could not work in country of other language.. With time I understood, that the one my way is blogging. But… When I was just journalist I had more success and respect, and when I had started my blog, I was thinking that nobody reads me and nobody needs me. For me to be useless is like a hell! I was suffering. Until I realized, that I do it all first of all for my self-identity, and with I time I will find people who likes what I do. And there is=) An there is not all 😉 Thank you=)

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  5. .

    Have been wondering a lot about that. But I realized everything takes time and patience is a skill that is invaluable for bloggers. I started my blog in 2010 and only now things are starting to happen for me. Last week I had two interviews and stumbled upon few features on google! The advice I always give blog rookies is: be patient, be passionate about it and the rest will come. Blogging can be all that you want it to be, if you set your mind to it and work hard to achieve those goals!


    • Nadya Helena

      I totally agree with you. I only started around 6 months ago and honestly it all started as a part-time thing to kill boredom. But as time progressed, I realized that I love it more than I could ever think. I illustrate in real life and my blog is a media for me to spread my work. Things can get weary and tiring and some of your biggest expectations can get shot down in a count of minutes, but I do believe that if you want it bad enough, do some actions, and be patient, things will just fall into place. And this is the one believe that keeps me going, and hopefully for a long, long time.

      Just so glad to hear it from someone with more experience, thank you Ashe!


  6. Richard

    find a talent outside of blogging… to much blogs being made. the only way to stay relevant is to go out and do something.

  7. Barbara

    Actually, I have just recently begun to ask myself this very question. I am sure looking forward to getting more out of it though, not sure yet, but I know it will come in time and with God by my side.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  8. Tara

    Good to think about, especially for new bloggers… now there are no surprises if we end up going through a blog-istential crisis lol