Attention IFBcon 2-Day Pass Holders (and those about to buy one!)

Get Your VIP on at IFBcon

You know it just wouldn't be IFBcon if we didn't have a few surprises up our sleeve. Expanding our conference to two days last season was a big leap – one that's been rewarding for us and our attendees.

This season, to sweeten the deal of our 2-day pass (both early bird and regular price), we will be raffling off a VIP experience for 18 lucky bloggers.

Before each panel discussion on February 6th, we will be randomly selecting three 2-day ticket holders for:

  • Access to the greenroom to mingle and interview our panelists and speakers before their panel
  • A front row seat to the panel so you don't miss a word (and have the perfect view)
  • Some bonus swag to take home


Raffle details & specifics:

  • If you've already purchased a two-day ticket, early bird or regular price, you will be entered in the raffle
  • Winners will be called by full name approximately 10 minutes before the panel begins (immediately after the one before it ends!
  • If a blogger misses his or her name being called, we will draw another name.
  • You cannot exchange your VIP access for a different panel than the one for which your name was drawn



We want our VIP winners to make the most of the experience, and share that with our readers! If you write a post or snap photos and share them to your blog, we want to know! Send your coverage (interviews, Instagrams, panel reviews, etc) to us and we may feature it (with a link to your post) on IFB.

Buy a 2-day pass right here to be automatically entered into our VIP raffle!


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