Testimonials: Bloggers Share What IFBcon Meant To Them

This upcoming February will be my fourth IFB Conference. I have met hundreds of bloggers, watched at least 20 panels and break-out sessions, listened to all-star keynote speakers like Joe Zee and Iman. From behind the scenes I am always amazed at what this event does for our community – how it inspires all of you and how it brings us together season after season.

As someone who helps put on “the big show,” I could go on and on about how great it is, what you'll learn, what a networking opportunity it'll be and all the fun experiences and activities. However, I've never actually attended the event as a guest, and that's the most important experience of all.

So, to give you a better idea of what it's like, I asked a few past attendees to share a little of what the IFBcon experience meant to them.

Why fashion bloggers must attend ifbcon

Kiley Stenberg, A Sequin Dress At Breakfast

“I've always come away buzzing with inspiration from the IFB conferences – I always get new ideas and excitement over ways to grow my blog in various ways. My favorite part of the day(s) is meeting new people. I still keep in touch with people I met at IFB several seasons ago and have developed some strong relationships with people I first met there.”

Nikki Richardson, Bedazzles After Dark

“IFBcon is absolutely amazing. I loved getting insightful and useful information from the panels – and even getting the chance to meet the speakers. The brand booths gave me a validated and professional introduction that allowed me the opportunity for potential partnerships. But my favorite part was the chance to have face-to-face interaction with some of my favorite bloggers. We come from all over the map and it was so wonderful to have personal interactions with the ladies who's sites I visit on the regular and turn those blog-ships into real friendships.”

Lacey Maffetone, A Lacey Perspective

“Attending IFBCon last year turned my blogging world inside out; my ‘social media friends' became real-life friends, the talented people I handed my business card to became business partners and bloggers I looked up to for their business-savvy became mentors. Thank you IFB! Keep up the fantastic work!”

 Have you attended IFBcon in the past? Share a little about your experience in the comments!

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10 Responses

  1. Will Code For Clothes

    I’m going next week and I cannot wait!! I think it will so inspiring listening to the panels and seeing other bloggers who are so passionate about the fashion industry (and technology!).

    I hope I get to meet some of you there. 🙂

  2. Kate Johnson

    I’m also going next week, and while I’m a little intimidated, I’m incredibly excited! Thanks for these recaps – not that we couldn’t assume that anything IFB touches would completely exceed our standards, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a little reminder. Cannot wait! 🙂

    Kate {of} Uptown Blacktop

  3. Sheela Goh

    I’ll be there with bells and whistles, dropped jaw and wide-eyed expression 🙂 I can’t believe I’m actually attending, in all honesty, it’ll probably hit me when I start trying to figure out what to wear, what to pack, back-up outfits, emergency kits, all that sort of thing 🙂 please, I’m really very very awkward and shy in person so if I don’t make the first move, come say hello?

    Sheela Goh

  4. Vanda Santos

    Too bad the IFB event is in NY and I live in Greece!!!!!
    What a nice event!

  5. Into the Row

    I’m nervous and excited at the same time for my first Ifb experience. I’m a shy person so it might take me some time to say hello. I can’t wait the panelists, speakers, and bloggers I’ve connected on ifb. Its going to be an amazing experience.