Rookie Advantage: The Benefits of Being A Beginner Blogger


A brand-new blog really is like that metaphorical clean, white sheet of paper. A blank page can be both daunting and exciting; it's full of possibility and potential. A blog waiting to be written is the same.

If you're just getting started in blogging – take advantage of this time. Appreciate what you don't yet know, and use the resources our community now has available that make getting started, breaking into the industry and getting on your way to building a business easier.

Here's why it's great to be new to blogging:

You're fresh and full of ideas.

This might be the best part of being a new blogger. That feeling of excitement and newness is motivating and inspiring. For some, your content creation may come about like a steady build up, one idea flowing after the next. Or, you could be faced with a dizzying, spinning, overwhelming buzz of ideas. Jot them down! Start an editorial calendar!

You can be fearless and take risks.

The way I see it, you've got nothing to lose! Try a new content idea. Play with your posts and how you structure them. Broach a taboo subject. When you're just getting started, you don't have to be inhibited by worries or fears that what you're trying won't go well.

You can only go up.

When you've been blogging for a while and you feel your traffic slipping, or that your audience is less engaged, it can be tough. When you're just getting started, you're still figuring out what works and what doesn't and you can only improve. Seeing that growth, starting to get comments – it feels so rewarding, and will inspire you to track your analytics and hone in on what works for you and your audience.

Your human side really shows through.

One thing that's great to see in a new blog or blogger is how open and honest they can be. When you've been at this for a while, when you've developed a routine, that can show in your content. You've figured out what you will and won't say, what topics you do and don't cover. As a beginner, still figuring things out you can be all over the place – in a good way. You might be more candid and personal, which your budding audience will appreciate and relate to.

 You're not jaded.

I don't want to sound cynical, but there may come a time in your blogging career where you start to feel like if you've seen one fashion blog, you've seen them all. This isn't true, of course, but we can all go through a phase where nothing feels new anymore. As a rookie, you don't have the “baggage” of time spent. Take that positive, genuine attitude that comes with your first months or year in blogging and carry it with you as you grow and gain experience.

Are you in the beginning phase of blogging? What do you like about it?

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  1. JMB

    Blogging is so exciting! I was reading fashion blogs for years, and always loved them, so now i am taking the first step towards it. Maybe it’s ifb aswell, that motivates me to start my own one, but the fact that i love writing, photographing and fashion encourages me to keep going. I’m still in the stage of planning. What name for your blog? Where to host it? What design? So many complicated questions, but I want to take time to realize the dream; and to make it worth reading later.

  2. cocomori

    Yes! Totally agree. I just started a blog and it feels fresh, exciting and full of possibilities. Loving the fact that I’m building its personality and direction over time.

  3. Bianca

    I love being a new blogger. I feel like there aren’t any rules and I can write without feeling like I am being influenced by outside opinions or how a sponsor might react.

  4. Diana Yates

    I totally agree, I don’t feel any pressure right now (started blogging 3 days ago). Just loving talking about a subject I’m passionate about!! If I start to lose my sense of humour or sense of self, I’ll let the blogging career go and take up Wednesday night karaoke at my local instead 🙂

  5. James

    I’ve been writing on my blog for 1 month on Tuesday. I love the fact that there is so much out there to experience yet. So many people to meet with endless knowledge that they have and millions of content yet to be covered. The freedom that I have as a new blogger feels great, there’s no expectations from me from my followers yet and I feel like the sky’s the limit for my potential content. great article as well thanks.

  6. Kalli

    I started, blogging in late September and so far, it’s been such a great experience! My real-life friends really love it and it’s so fun to hear their comments when I see them in person. I’ve also met some fun people through their comments to my blog. The hardest part so far has been just posting on a regular basis (I’ve been averaging about once a week), since I have to juggle my full-time job and everything else. But there is an awesome fashion blogger community in my hometown, so it’s been great connecting with them for tips and advice!

  7. Victoria

    It certainly feels good to be the new kid in town, I personally love to take the photos and share what’s on my mind with others, sometimes I’ve got many posts ideas in only one day but that’s what the editorial calendar is for, and it has been really helpful! So cheers for a fresh new start everyone, it is all about having fun (:

  8. Keiko

    I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while but I am stumped as to how I should start it. For a beginner is it better to use an existing platform such as blogger or WordPress? I am so ready to start but I need a push in the right direction!

  9. Keiko

    I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while but I am stumped as to how I should start it. For a beginner is it better to use an existing platform such as blogger or WordPress? I am so ready to start but I need a push in the right direction!

  10. tiffany

    I am so excited about being a first time blogger yet it can be nerve wrecking and thrilling! But if I were to not blog one day I know I would feel weird!

  11. Carley

    I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I love it! I decided after spending hours upon hours upon hours of reading different blogs it was time for me to contribute, and I couldn’t be happier.
    I think one challenging aspect of being a new blogger is finding a niche – it almost seems that everything has been done. I suppose that’s where our fresh eyes come in handy! 🙂
    Thank you for this post – it can sometimes be discouraging just starting out and feeling like I’m not reaching anyone (except my mom). This is a great encouragement to embrace newness, and the opportunity to learn and explore!

  12. Swati Ailawadi

    Put a smile on my face as my blog is 20 days old ! Best part, we have nothing to loose and can only go up from here. And trying new content and ideas is appealing too, the freedom to think out of the box. Spot on Taylor ! Thank you so much for this !

    The Creative Bent

  13. Jamy


    Never thought of it like this, I’m a little less new (3 months blogging now) but I totally agree, and even if it’s a little overwhelming sometimes with all the things that are still to learn being a new blogger has a lot of positive sides too!

  14. Eva Tornado

    Yep, I am a rookie, my blog is just 10 months old. And though I have already a big number of fans (is mean that I’d found my way!), but I am still learning and discovering new and new spheres of fashion and beauty-blogging, and I will keep learning, because is the most interesting part of the life for me – to discover the world!=)

    And about the point “Your human side really shows through”. Actually in my situation I had the opposite… When I had just started, I was so shy, and I used more my journalistic faceless style of writting. Now I am becoming more opened and my blog start to acquire the “human” face=) And I am very glad! ^^

    Thank you for your amazing post, Taylor!

    My blog Kisses From Europe

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  15. Taryn Rothstein

    I feel a bit like a freshman at Blog High School. I’m extremely exited to learn and love reading incouraging rookie posts! Helps me feel like I’m not alone in the beginning stages! I’m truly enjoying my blog process.

  16. Lula Bow

    I love having the ability to just feel everything out right now. Not having any deadlines or specific content requirements, just blank pages to fill with whatever I want to. I love that this blog gives people the opportunity to not only do what they love but to also share it with the world.

  17. Therandombitsandpieces

    It’s exciting to be a new blogger, since you get to experience and discover new things every day.
    I feel there are much more fashion blogger, than entertainment blogger (which is what I am) and what makes it definitely more difficult in finding an audience, but in the end it’s all about sharing your passion and interests and not about how many “followers” you have.

    Great blog, very helpful and motivational!

  18. Lady lauren

    I think it can be a little scary because there are awesome blogs out there. But it is starting to feel natural which I am really enjoying. It’s great that people are happy to give such amazing advice too 🙂

  19. Sarah G.

    As a new blogger, I find blogging to be a very exicting and interesting hobby. I don’t really know if I can get my blog to be as successful as those that earn through their blogs and have a lot of followers/readers and traffic (i don’t really know much of the terms). But I love the experience of blogging despite the fact that I rarely have anything to post.

    This post allowed me to realize what I just voice above! 🙂
    Thanks IFB! 🙂


  20. Angelica Lainis

    I’m in the beginning phase of my style blog. It is hard to get readers that is what I find the most difficult. People who actually commit to your blog. However, once it gets going and more people start commenting it makes you feel like what you are putting out there is worth it.

  21. Amy

    I think it’s imperative to put a lot of thought into your blog before you start it. For the first year of The New Lady Times I kept changing directions, platforms and goals – I always wondered my my (probably very few) readers thought. A blog needs clarity.

    I also think it’s a good idea to build up your traffic before you start spending money on excessive clothing and photography. Start by writing about fashion, pinning style images and making friends on your blog and social media platforms – before forking out the cash. There is no point in having a $ 300 glamour shot post if no one is going to see it.

    And remember – traffic will build up – slowly but surely.


  22. Patsy Marie

    I do agree it feels very exciting and new and theres a lot to learn about blogging but overall it is very EXCITING !!!! I love that I can share my passion for fashion with the world through a blog

    Being that I am starting out new I agree with Angelica Lainis it is difficult to get traffic at first but we just have to stick to it and produce quality content and I belive readers will come !!

  23. Tara

    Here’s the other great thing – you get a lot of feedback from people about what they think – and then they discover who you are a bit more!

    Tonight my mom said “You know, your blog name is kind of weird with the grammar. I like all of your posts but the name is grammatically strange.” Haha

    Here’s the second part to that – where on this site can we get feedback from other bloggers on our site- does that exist here?


  24. Kate

    I love being able to have the freedom to experiment with my design aesthetic and build a following. Social media is very exciting and I love being able to get my feet wet with information before being submerged.

    Kate from Clear the Way


    Being a rookie may has it’s benefits but it’s hard to get new readers or even get attention!
    People already have their favorite blogs and they’re not interested in looking for new ones and that’s why a huge amount of good blogs will never get the attention they “deserve”.

  26. Darlynne

    Almost a week since I started blogging 🙂 Though its a difficult phase right now as there are not much readers, I’m hoping in a few weeks time that will change!

  27. Alexandrea J. (@Ajwilson412)

    I really enjoy being at the beginning state of blogging just because, like you stated, everything is new and fresh and so you’re filled with a whole slew of ideas. I just wish I was more directed in my approach sometimes…it can get overwhelming trying to identify your niche. 🙂

  28. Dian

    It absolutely is an exciting experience having a new blog! I just started mine over the weekend and I am loving it. I have always wanted to share my thoughts about fashion and now that I own a blog, I can do so. 🙂


  29. Alexandria Adair Vasquez

    I’ve been blogging for about a month. What I really like is that I’m really seeing a development in my style, and it’s exciting to see where this could take my style in the future.

  30. Jules

    I’m relatively new and blogging still has that fresh and exciting feel to it. Some days I’m incredibly inspired and can’t stop the creative energy and others (like today) I’m struggling to think of content. With any job, new or old, there will be an ebb and flow.

    One thing that’s really exciting, though…: my new membership into IFB! 😉

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  31. Maya

    Even if my blog has been around for 7 months now I still consider myself a newbie some days. I do have some topics I will post about but I still try out new things and I definitely don’t have a routine (I’m afraid I might need one though sometimes haha) but anyway I think being new can have the benefits mentioned above but I think there are also more though sides like how to get noticed in an already satiated blogosphere. But I still love blogging, it’s the best thing I’ve ever tried 🙂 Hope I can still only go up 😀

  32. .

    I don’t want to generalize, but from what I’ve seen, rookie bloggers mostly have “just-another-blog-out-there”. In my opinion, that happens because they’ve been following blogs for a while, thought “Hey, this is cool, I too could do it!” and just did it. They don’t realize how much thought and hard work is needed for your blog to be taken seriously. And that’s also why their blogs usually look like other blogs they’ve been following. What’s most important in this over saturated sphere is your own, unique voice. And that takes some time searching for and developing. But as you said, there’s always time and space for improvement! Good luck to all the rookie bloggers, just have fun and do what your heart tells you!


  33. Maine Aquino

    Even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year, I still feel like a rookie. Not that it’s a bad thing– it makes me explore more options on what to write on every post. 🙂

  34. Paury

    I did my first Vlog review on a fashion service for plus-size women. It felt good! I want to engage and build an audience 🙂

  35. Ana

    I love blogging ever since I started it last year. It’s great being able to share these great finds/looks/products/tips I come across. It’s a constant learning experience on what readers are looking for based on post hits. I find the hardest part is routinely posting, and the design of my blog. I am so indecisive on what I want my branding to look and feel like.

  36. Sara

    I’ll be completely honest. I’ve never followed a fashion blog before – or any blog for that matter. So I’m not jaded at ALL about starting a new blog and feeling like I’m run of the mill. Sure I might be – but I wouldn’t know it 🙂 My career is far from the fashion world – I’m a software engineer and the day in day out monotony sometimes can be a real drag. The other day both my fiance and I were working from home when the doorbell rang. The shoes I had ordered from DSW came three days early! I was so excited – I couldn’t wait to try them on and show someone. But who? That’s when I decided I needed an outlet. I love fashion. I love shoes. I love celebrity style. And I needed a place to share that passion.

    Now if only I can figure out how to grow an audience…

  37. Street Fashion Paris

    Sorry Tylor, but I don’t agree with you. I don’t think that most the “new” bloggers are full of fresh ideas. I have seen many “new” personal style blogs being almost a copy of the popular blogs and many beauty/general fashion blogs using the same pictures and writting very simillar posts. I check often new blogs but it is really difficult to find a unique conntent among them.

  38. Keren

    I am a new blogger and it is a bit dissapointing when you have no traffic. However, I know that it takes time to get noticed and lots of work. Thanks for this awesome post. I am new on IFB and so far I’ve learned a lot from reading different posts.

  39. sabrina

    The hardest thing about being a beginner blogger at least for me is the time i go to school and work, sometimes looking for the time to take outfit pictures takes time but i am willing to go above and beyond my blog is my baby.

  40. College Walk

    I’ve been “blogging” since I was in middle school but didn’t take it too seriously until now that I know where it can take me. With my new blog, I’m super excited but super nervous about where to go. The pros and cons in this post are nothing but the truth. After starting though, it gets a bit discouraging because with my blog, it exploded when it came out and now the stats are dipping back into the low. Maybe it’s my fault or maybe blog traffic comes in waves. Just keep swimming, I suppose!

  41. Daniela

    This post was extremely helpful! I just opened my blog and it has been kind of a big jump for me. I think that the best part of being an amateur blogger is that the lack of experience and the uncertainty make you work harder and push yourself to the limit. Hard work is rewarding they say…we’ll see!

  42. Stephanie

    I’m in my first year of serious fashion blogging. Sometime it’s hard and i feel pressured, but what you wright is so true and reliable! I love creating something new and, yeah, I have nothing to lose!

    Stephanie from

  43. Isabel Legaspi

    I’m a new blogger and I can’t wait for my blog to become a successful one.
    I hope you guys can check it out and would love to hear from you guys !