IFBcon Live Blog: Affiliate Marketing: The Essential Revenue Stream for Bloggers


Panel 4: Affiliate Marketing: The Essential Revenue Stream for Bloggers brought to you by Rakuten Linkshare

Moderator: Justin Livingston, Scout Sixteen

Scott Allan, Rakuten Linkshare
Aimee Song, Song of Style
Claire Sulmers, Fashion Bomb Daily
Kristin Ess, The Beauty Department
Joe Adolph, Nordstrom

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is to monetize traffic aligned with your audience.

How does affiliate marketing work with your company and blog?

Good way for everyone to get their foot in the door – Scott Allan

Use affiliates to link back to beauty products or to similar clothing that was worn on blog posts. – Aimee Song & Kristin Ess

Don't do all affiliate marketing for the money, know your readers and what they like. They're on the same price point as me, when I link products I try to keep that in mind (ex: similar at a lower price point). – Aimee Song

Brand and blogger partnerships, the pros and cons to affiliate links in comparison?
Brand partnership don't know for sure if going to be successful though receive an upfront fee, opposed to affiliate you'll only be compensated if reader purchases. – Aimee Song
Offer both, but try to stay true to brands we use and use link share. Overall an education of readers on hair, makeup, and nails. Creating a 50/50 pay off on brands and readers. – Kristin Ess
All in aligning own brand with readership style, partnership endorses your brand name. Readers need to have the intent to shop, and try to poll them to see what they link. When partnering with brands they can also offer advice on how to better yourself, but always stay true to your blog voice. – Scott Allen

Do you ever use affiliate links in social networks? On Pinterest yes, only because the users are interested in where to purchase. – Kristin Ess
I don't link affiliates because I have a full time job, but over all I wouldn't because it's personally not my style. Though I have purchased off others affiliate links via twitter. – Aimee Song
Could create a twitter feed for “hot luxury deals”, but don't connect with personal twitter account. – Soctt Allen

What are good strategies to make affiliate links for their blog and readers?

No matter how much traffic you have, if  your readers don't purchase you won't make any money. Though the reason I started my blog wasn't to make money, I have held a job since I started my blog. – Aimee Song
Create original content with whatever you are wearing from your own closet, this original content is only created by you and no one else. Then from there you can connect the affiliate links. – Krisin Ess
One think about affiliate links is they never go away and you'll always be making comission as long as it's live. – Joe Adolph
Don't start until you have a loyal readership, so then you can align content with their taste. – Scott Allen

Where do you get the best commission? When you become a preferred blogger compared to Nordstroms, you'll have the benefits of being on the inside creating more opportunities for commission. – Scott Allen
Offering high end products will make you more commission opposed to lower cosmetic brands that they can get in own drug store. – Kristin Ess
My readers are most likely to purchase lower end pieces. – Aimee Song

Where do you see yourself going in 2013?  

I would like to take after Aimee and start working with brands on partnerships. – Claire Sulmers
Want to keep doing what we're doing but with easier navigation. – Kristen Ess
I would like to create relationships with 10 – 15 bloggers to offer to our brands with different options at various price points to create collaborations when opportunities arise. – Joe Adolph
Exciting time of year, we have added 300 brands alone last year. Maintain integrity and voice. – Scott Allen

Q&A Open Session

If partner with you and drive traffic to your site, what are your expectations from bloggers on the end to build relationship? Join the network to be apart of the network, create unique user name to view your clicks. Blogger does not have to provide any report, we offer the final payment in the end. – Scott Allen

How manage to do full time jobs and manage blog? I work on my blog full time now, but when had a full time magazine I'd do one post  a day. On the weekends I'd create a queue of posts for the week with a schedule to keep everything organized. – Claire Sulmers
I work full time as an interior designer and use blogging part time, key is I just don't sleep. I try to update five times a week, but it's not that hard since I don't dress down. – Aimee Song
Consistency and every extra little effort helps! – Justin Livingston

How do you drive traffic to your blog? Best part about blogging is, it is a community, to always be connected to the industry. – Justin Livingston
First big bump was bigger blog linked to me, key is to use bigger blogs to bring in more readers. Also used a new technique to feature a style blogger once a week, cross pollinating traffic. – Claire Sulmers

When you get the affiliates, is there too many for a blogger to have? Before affiliates I was always linking to a store either if they have a link or not, I will link back to the website depending on what I'm wearing. – Aimee Song
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  1. Althea

    Absolutely informative. Is there a limit in the amount of affiliate links to use on any one blog post? I would like to know what is appropriate and what is not, in terms of affiliate links.