IFBcon Live Blog: Elevating the Conversation: The Key to Social Media Success


Elevating the conversation: The Key to Social Media Success brought you you by Glossi

Moderator: Grace Atwood, Stripes & Sequins

Dina Fierro, HL Group
Felicia Walker Benson, ThisThatBeauty
Christine Olsen, CFDA
Matt Edelman, Glossi
Brian Difeo, Mobile Media Lab

What would you say is the key most important step to building a social media strategy?

Brian: Understanding what your passion points are, what people are emotionally attached to.  Balance of having an idea of what you want to post, that’s important to your audience.

Felicia: To have a goal: have a goal in mind, what do you want to accomplish?  Connect with brands.


What platforms best support that goal?

Christine: Who are you? What’s your competitive advantage? Create more awareness with general public. We can champion the industry.

Dina: Start with an evaluation, what’s the objective? Do you want traffic and conversion?  What are the strengths/weaknesses of each.  Show the world what it means to be part of the organization.  FB, twitter, Pinterest, evaluating… What are your points of differentiation, and what is distinctly yours?  Interest has peaked- get in there and play.

Matt: You are all marketers.  Think of your day… as a including marketing.  Blogs are marketers!  Figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  Once you find a magic formula, see what you can do stand out.


Social media etiquette: what are some do’s and don’ts in engaging with others?

Matt Be responsive.  Don’t leave people hanging! Get back to people. Give your fans the ability to connect with you Create a relationship with them in how they consume content

Dina: Be interested, engaged, and authentic.  Don’t misrepresent your traffic numbers.  Share who YOU really are.  Don’t ask for something tangible from the start “hey send me this Zac Posen dress” BUILD relationships.

Christine: Being shy, love the interaction of social media.  It’s a conversation. Those who are successful really understand that. Karma, what goes around comes around… share the love!  Even if you have a small audience, it’s not about numbers.  Treat everyone as important.

Felicia: Always be kind and gracious in your tone. You are the spokesperson, the face of the brand.  (The world is small!)  A little kindness can get you very far.

Brian: Think before you post.  Take time to consider your language.  Frame photo well likewise, making sure it’s quality.


The ability to adapt… social media is constantly changing.  How to?

Dina: I generally gravitate to new platforms… encourage others to explore what peaks your interest.

When things change, stay consistent.  Keep doing what you are doing, and watch what happens.

Brian: Reach out, start conversation.  If you can meet up in person, that’s a great way to learn form each other!

Felicia: Curiosity, trying out.  Seeing what my friends are trying out, use other people as resources to stay current and adapt.

How do you build a following, actionable things on social media?

Christine: 100,000 twitter followers in 2 years… Looked at the network I have, plug in.  Always have your own network.  Can be your friends, other bloggers… get to know other people.  Spider web, it keeps growing.  You don’t have to go after people just for big numbers.  Spreading the love.

Dina: Three golden rules: be useful, interesting, or cleaver (particularly on twitter.)  Content is king!  Invest time everyday.

Matt: What drives a person to be interested in you?  The quality of your content.  Have your followers understand your utility.  Create content that stands out.

Felicia: The content is really important, the most important thing.  All the other bells and whistles won’t matter.

Matt: Be aware of timing of engagement.


Audience Question 1: Comparing history fashion to current fashion.  How important is it to have various content, what point can you recycle content?

Christine: Look for new version of content, so it fits the right platforms.  Now all platforms are fitting.  You don’t have to be on each one, look at what serves you and your content best.


Audience Question 2: Conflict on twitter, bloggers get hate sometimes (especially when they are really good), what should be done?

Dina: Best practice: stay above the fray.  Public organization has to make sure they are listening to the conversation (are the people influential?  Are other engaging?)  Address the question and issue proactively.

Matt: Negative comment can still be  responded to kind, show them that they are listening.  It could actually turn around.


Audience Question 3: Top bloggers, they are blogging so frequently (too frequently? Each and every meal and happening) what’s right and wrong?  Also: being unfollowed, should I ask why?

Dina: There’s no right and no wrong.  What works for one may not for another.

Christine: See what works and what doesn’t work, but don’t look back.

Felicia: Tighten up, you are putting yourself out there.  Any nasty comments, toughen up, be confident in what you are doing.  See what people are responding too.  Don’t try to be someone else and lead your blog like someone else.


Audience Question 4: Is it ok to take away my Facebook, I’m using twitter and instagram.

Dina: Facebook could be a good driver of traffic, but then again use what works for you.

Christine: it comes across when you are struggling with a platform.  Don’t force something.


Audience Question 5: Social media for nail company.  They are afraid to re-post for infringement, thoughts?

Matt: If you are clear it’s not from you, that is unless the company contacts you and asks to take it down.  If you give attribution, then don’t have to worry necessarily about violating someone’s copyright.


Audience Question 6: I’m a heavy user of twitter, should I have a separate account (maybe my personal should not be so public.)

Felicia: It depends… what is your ultimate goal?  Off-color may not be serving your audience.  Could use a separate personal account.


Audience Question 7: Where is the line, when are we “missing the point” and being too obsessive about twitter?

Matt: Individual choice… Take it in.  What do you want to share, key great ideas.  When you are getting information, one of the currencies is sharing information.  If you share something early…

Dina Will I have more interest point of view to let the information digest or live-blog?  I didn’t give people a lot of value looking back when I live-blogged last time could have done more if let digest.  [ Eek to the live blogger Jennifer of AdventureOften, :laughs!: ]


Live-blogged by:  Jennifer Koch of AdventureOften


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