IFBcon Live Blog: Keeping it Fresh: The Secrets to Blogging Longevity


Panel 5: Keeping it Fresh: The Secrets to Blogging Longevity brought to you by StyleHaul

Moderator: Karen Blanchard, Where Did You Get That
Stephanie Horbaczewski, StyleHaul
Susie Lau, Style Bubble
Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot
Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller
Andrea Lavinthal, People Style Watch
Geri Hirsch & Erin Falconer LEAFtv

Live-blogged by: Lacey of A Lacey Perspective.

Susie has been blogging for 6 years and the content developed over time. Although the content has shifted ‘the voice' is what has kept its longevity. Don't distance yourself from your readers.

Leandra knew her site needed to “change a little” when people/readers were sick of the phrase “arm party”. Make sure your site is on par with the people who are coming to your site.

“Never dumb down for your readers. Let the rise to your level.” – Leandra Medine

“Elevate the experience each time. Think bigger.” -Andrea Lavinthal

Jeannine felt her blog lacked direction. She asked herself at 2.5 years of blogging “…what makes me different?”

Geri and Erin wanted to carve out a niche for themselves. They looked to video to “evolve with the internet.”

Jeannine transitioned from print to blogging by leveraging her connections at Cosmo to help build an audience for her blog.

Andrea says to “…infuse humor and create a sense of community.”

Geri put herself in the shoes of her readers and created a resource for girls via video.

Video is another medium to have a conversation with your readers. “Video is next.” – Erin

“Anyone who says you can quit your job and become a blogger is lying to you. It is NOT an easy task.” -Leandra

“Building a following is different then gaining followers.” -Leandra

“Always remember to be thankful.”  -Jeannine

“As soon as you appreciate where you are at THAT is when you are going to grow.” -Jeannine

“Put your audience first.” -Jeannine

“Readers know when you are putting them first”- Karen Blanchard

“If you are not your biggest fan and biggest critic you won't succeed.” -Leandra

“There seems to be a blogging blue print …and all new bloggers are following one blue print. It has come diluted. It is important to look at all content areas that are possible and what YOU can call your niche.” – Susie

“Its time to expand on my (blog's) name. It is time to go back to that and expand.” – Karen

“I reply to everyone. Whether its a tweet, comment, and/or email. Publicist or reader.” – Jeannine

“The blogosphere has become so cynical. …Nothing is more important then engagement.” – Leandra

“Keep writing until the words come out.” – Leandra on writers block

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  1. Biki

    I am all for Jeanine’s comment about responding to everyone, tweet, email, blog etc- through the years the blogs I stay faithful to are the ones where the founders take the time to respond to comments (lets assume I mean the comments of substance here). I completely understand that for blogs where they get over a 100, things could get tricky. But to the ones that get 10 comments or less, I feel that they really should or quite frankly, just disable their Comment button. One of the main reasons I started blogging was to share conversations and have dialogue with like-minded people, which is a tad difficult when things are one-sided…