IFBcon Live Blog: The Evolution of Our Industry: What Does the Future Hold?


Panel 6: The Evolution of Our Industry: What Does the Future Hold? Brought To You By PadSquad

Moderator: Rachel Seville, Pizza Rulez @rsevillet

Andrea Derricks, L2 Think Tank, @L2_ThinkTank

Dan Meehan, PadSquad @PadSquadMedia

Jake Gallagher, GQ Eye & Esquire.com, @Wax_Wane

Liz Cherkasova, Late Afternoon @LateAfternoon

Reesa Lake, Digital Brand Architects

Mattias Swenson, BlogLovin, @BlogLovin

Blogged by: Jessie Holeva, Trend Hungry, @trendhungryblog

How has blogging changed since you first started blogging or started working with bloggers? 

Liz of Late Afternoon:  When I started, there wasn't monetization. Now you're trying to work with brands that work with you and help expose them to your readers.

Andrea of L2: It used to be opportunistic in terms of the brand.

It's kinda art and science. I think there will be more emphasis on numbers, but the art side won't go away.

Jake of GQ: Menwear blogging is still in its infantile stage. Now we're seeing lazy blogging, and what I find inexcusable. It's becoming a mass regurgitation.  Going forward, if you want to get involved in this world, you need to find your talent to back it up.

What we're getting is the same style, and not a lot of content.

Mattias of Bloglovin: When we started Bloglovin 5 years ago, it was a community. Then money happened and it changed. It was more like a group of hippies.

Here is the US, top bloggers make 10 -15% from ads, and the rest from collaborations, which has made it more competitive.

Bloggers have been documenting, now they're becoming brands of their own.

Tips for bloggers to anticipate changes?

Reesa of DBA: Advertising is taking a shift away from ads and being able to pay attention to integrated content. As brands are looking to allocate to blogger, they'll be looking at your on every single platform.

Andrea of L2: Create that conversation. Brands are starting to work with people that don't even have blogs, but a big following on Instagram. Start creating great content for social media.

Suggestion: Vine Ap

How do you decide if an app is worth investing time in?

Liz of Late Afternoon: Do I enjoy doing it? I pick the things I find interesting.

How do you see brands using mobile well? 

Andrea of L2: Brands are now seeing 25 -30% traffic on moble.  Brands are now starting to think about what the user is doing on that platform.

Look at analytics on where your hits are coming from (mobile, web, tablet).

Think through what the numbers look like, and then make a strategy.

How do you see bloggers working with brands changing?

Mattias of Bloglovin: Fuck brands.

It's cooler to become a brand then do collaborations. It's also about being happy. That should be a goal.

Reesa of DBA: For clients, what's their long-term goal? We look at what's the long-term goal and what the steps are to get there.

Dan of PadSquad: Mobile was lumped together as smartphone and tablet. Now phone is local driven. Tablet is more relaxed.

Tablets should be a clearer content. Smartphone content should be local and action driven.

Your audience is coming from multiple areas.

Are you doing anything to optemize content for tablet vs phone vs web blog.

Liz of Late Afternoon: Diversify content. Find a way to use platforms in diff ways.

Find content that fits each platform best.

Jake of GQ:  Site should be your home base. You need to know what you're good at.

How do you decide what social platforms to use?

Jake of GQ: It's up to you and you should hone in on that and don't think you have to use every platform just because you're a fashion blogger.

Reesa of DBA: Have an understanding of your brand. Having a great media kit that includes metrics, top posts. We look for people we see that have ability to grow.

If you're really good at something or have a special talent, show that to people. If you have a special skill or talent, show that to your reader.

Dan of PadSquad: Don't mimic, but steal what they're good at (organization).

Reesa of DBA: There's opportunities to build out on social platform.

Andrea of L2: You might know more than what you think you know. Vloggers are optimizing posts more than brands (linking, tagging, mention brands names).

Jake of GQ: Teach the basics. Blogging is incredible, but the backbone is still a craft.

Liz of Late Afternoon: You have to know who you are. You have to know your style. Find yourself. Find your voice. Be confident. Don't drive yourself  made comparing yourself.

Reesa of DBA: Where do you see yourself in 5- 10 years? Who do you want to be? Then take the steps to get there.

How do you recommend brands establish a successful blog?

Liz of Late Afternoon: Add value and put a face behind your blog. Infuse personality and show who's behind the brand.

Jake of GQ: When you're starting out, try out anything. See where you get a good response (social channels). Find a way to differentiate and hone in on that.

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3 Responses

  1. Tishiannae

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m so sad that I couldn’t make it to the conference but if this is really helpful. I agree about blogging becoming more competitive and a lot of the same style with less content. Sometimes I do feel jaded (as mentioned in the last IFB post) as a blogger by looking at all these blogs with the same style. I hope I can do something different.


  2. Tara

    I LOVE this post. This site is incredible for all of the information and support it provides.

    The GQ comments are spot on and I admire his bluntness. There is a lot of regurgitation on blogs and I’m probably guilty of that as well – I think we must work to discover our uniqueness in a way that also shows our similarity to others.

    Thanks for that helpful post IFB!

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