IFBcon Workshop Live Blog: Beyond Ads: New Ways to Monetize Your Site


Workshop 4: Beyond Ads: New Ways to Monetize Your Site brought to you by Shop My Label

Live-blogged by: Nicole La Mons of www.StilettoMomDiaries.com.


Shop My Label Media Marketplace Engine

Embed on your blog and it allows you to pick products you want to sell on your site. Builds a shopable window.


  • Readers can shop without ever leaving your website.
  • 10% Commission across the board you receive in 30 days.
  • It's like having your own store.
  • Keep readers on your site longer.

How can you make money on your blog?

-Shop My Label

vs. Affiliate Links 

-Viewers don't have to leave your site

-Payment turnover is quicker

vs Banner ads

-Weary of selling products unrelated to your audience

vs. Sponsor Stories

-Build a rate card for yourself, and breakdown of your traffic, social media status, how much information can you provide on your viewers.

-The more you know about your demographics the more appealing you will be.

-The more clear your message is as a blogger the more appealing you will be to a brand.

Bloggers Launching e-commerce

Allowing a personal shopping experience and keeping the reader on your site for a longer time increases your brand to who your reader is.

Next step beyond affialte links is e-commerce shop.

Ask…Do enough clients respect my taste?

Always be sure that every product you recommend continues to build on your brand and is a representation of who you are.

Curated Content

Having an audience that loves what you do is more valuable than numbers.

Embrace who you are as a blogger.

You are sharing your identity so people can be more like you.



Enables you to monetize Instagram and Twitter feed. Buy, sell and pay in-stream on Social Media.


Monetizes Facebook photos and posts. Tag photos with price and Stipple will manage transaction.

5 Tips for creating successful E-Commerce.

  1. -Curated products that connect to editorial content (ie. newsletters)- you
  2. -Create a separate “shoppers” email list (ex. Shop29)- separate newslettters for with more specific content.
  3. -Reward Loyal Customers
  4. -Add new products regularly
  5. -Mix high and low points


Q. Is this available for beauty bloggers

A. Yes, limited right now but more in 2-3 weeks.

Q.How long do the links work?

A. Links are live and updated with inventory and price. If a product goes on sales the updated price will show.

Q. Does each item have a shipping cost?

A. Shipping is free on Shop My Label.

Q. What are the disadvantages, what site would it not work for?

A. At this time there is limited distribution for other platforms such as Blogger.


[Image Credit:Dustin Fenstermacher]

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