IFBcon Workshop Live Blog: Debunking SEO: What Fashion Bloggers Need to Know


Workshop 7: Debunking SEO: What Fashion Bloggers Need to Know, Brought to you by Erika Miller, of ELM Consulting

Live-blogged by: Nicole La Mons of www.StilettoMomDiaries.com.

Keywords (Key phrases)

-Drive strategy

-Finding the right key words are important.

-3-4 word phrases is best.

-Seasonal modifiers (Spring, Summer, 2013). Include topics people are  looking for throughout the season.

-If you have low visibility/traffic pick keywords with 3-4 word phrases.

-Have keywords set in place and then you can add to them (i.e. red lipstick  to Chanel red lipstick)


-Onesite – links to related content using key words

-Offsite – links from guest posts or partner citations

Sharing content

If a source would like to use your content, allow only snippets of the content, not the full post.


Some can take a toll on your website's load time. Google does look at slow loading time as a factor.

Using Tags

-Make sure your tags are refined and relevant to your blog.

-If you are a small site try not to have more than 20 tags.

-Each tag you add to your website generates a URL.

-If you are a new blog, decide in advance which tags you plan to use.

Traffic Expectations

-Traffic will grow in time

-Turn around time for success- 3-6 months (depending on newness & popularity.

Using Analytics

-Google analytics is a must.

-Install Google Web Master tools




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5 Responses

  1. Krystal Orr

    I hav quite a few tags on my blog. My tag cloud is huge. I think I may go back and refine these! I saw an awesome article about this on ProBlogger, but hadn’t had time to read it. I think I will tonight! Nothing like a lil android reading after tuck in time!

  2. Steph Taylor

    Interesting re the tags – this is so different to what Instagram etc have ingrained in our minds, that the more tags you use, the more likely people are to see your content! Time to go and cut down on some of my tags!


  3. Tiffany

    Thanks for the helpful tips that you’ve provided! Although I still find SEO tricky to master, I think that in due time I will finally get the hang of it! So far, as far as Beginner’s SEO is concerned, I’m just adding Title Codes and Alt Text Codes to most of my pics and changing URL Keywords to what I think that people might be searching for. I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind in case I still need to improve on a few things!