IFBcon Workshop Live Blog: Design and Monetize: Mastering Your Mobile Content


Workshop 5: Design and Monetize: Mastering Your Mobile Content brought to you by PadSquad

Live-blogged by: Nicole La Mons of www.StilettoMomDiaries.com.


-Tablets not only include iPads. Its important to be on more than one platform. Android (Samsung & Kindle Android) is growing. Don't focus on one platform.

-It's important to know how marketers look at your audience.

-Tablet time spent from consumer perspective is a rival with computers.

-What are consumers spending their time on? Email is number one and apps number 2. Video is growing and will be dominant content form on the tablets.

-Tablets are becoming e-commerce. As you think about monetizing your blog, think of tablet device.

-Audience Reach: What do you want your readers and potential readers to do to find your content?

From a Publisher's Perspective 

-Audience is getting close to 50% male and 50% female

-Huge trend of females on tablets

Reaching mothers 
-Use of Moms using tablets/mobiles to visit sites is growing.

Reasons to adopt a mobile website

-Follow your audience – tablet use is growing

-Boost your traffic

Ask if your blog is ready? 

-How many elements on your page?

-Think about fonts and colors?

-Do you have pops ups? Are they easy to close?

-Think of your navigational elements.

-Think of how user will navigate.

-More people will be searching for content on tablets more than they do on PCs,

being ready will help grow your blog, brand and business.






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  1. Label Makers

    Good article, we are seeing more and more Responsive web design as way forward for tablets. The majors are all embracing it. Even small businesses now have to think RWD for blogs and web pages. Brings a new challenge to SEO though when ‘less is more’.