IFBcon Workshop Live Blog: How to Take Great Photos For Your Blog


Workshop 1: How to take Great Photos For Your Blog brought to you by Lydia Hudgens


Focus mostly on the product you are trying to promote, your outfit. Sort of like your own personal look book.

Good quality photos will attract more pins, promoted posts, and therefore more bring in more traffic.

Look at photos from blogs that you personally like. What do you like about it? The lighting, the lifestyle? How can you apply, then change them to fit your for your blog.

Plan ahead. Pick out your outfit, setting, make-up, and feel of the shoot you want to achieve.

Your background settings matter!

Don't shoot with direct light or too much sun. A lightly shaded place is perfect for a great photo.

Recommended web use camera: Canon 5d. However, the quality of the lense is what matters most. Spend more on the lense than the camera. Between 1.2 and 1.8 lens is good. 50 mm lens is great for close up detail shots.

Q:What tips do you have for taking your own photo with a timer and tripod?

A: Shoot on high aperture number. Use a place holder of where you will be standing in your photo, get a clear and centered focus, remove the object and then step in.

Q & A:

Q: I don't want to carry around a giant lens all the time, what is nice small lens to use?

A: The pancake lens or a 40 mm.

Q: Are there any point and shoot cameras you can recommend to start out with?

A: G4. I don't use a lot of point and shoots, when I do, I'm always aware of my lighting.

Q:How long do you take to edit your photos?

A: I don't do a lot to my photos. Probably about 30 minutes.

Q: What's your best tip for removing shadows?

A: You can't really remove shadows. You could use a dodge tool to possibly lighten the photo, but my best advice would be to move out of the shadow and be aware of your lighting.

Q: How do you take a good picture of yourself when you're feeling un-photogenic?

A: Play with angles. Look in the mirror and practice posing. Use a full length mirror to find out what poses work for you. Take A LOT of photos. The more you have the higher chance of finding one you love. I can take 500 photos and like only 3 of them. Once you find out what works for you won't have to take so many. Sunglasses always help too 🙂

Q: What if you have no one to take your photos? I'm short and I have a tall tripod.

A: Use a shorter tripod and and upward angle to elongate. I would use a 50 mm lens with open shade, a place with no shadows.

Q: What are some good places to take photos?

A: Bright or brick walls. Or get in a car and drive around. Your photo should reflect where you live – the city, the beach, etc. You don't need a huge background, and if you can't find a good spot, use a lens that will focus on the outfit and blur the background.

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10 Responses

  1. Gabrielle teare

    very useful I have agood camera but find at London Fashion Week lighting is very bad and also the models walk so fast my phots this season are not so great I use a grid on the lens to line them up so that they are in the center of the shot.

    I have a cannon g9 whch I like as is a small digital slr I cannot carry all the stuff you get and a massive camera!


  2. Rena A Thompson

    Yes, great tips! My biggest dilemma is getting my husband to take good pics. (He just doesn’t have “the eye” for it, sadly.) But when I do take my own outfit photos, I use:
    – a tripod
    – Nikon DSLR
    – wireless remote
    So I don’t have to keep running back to my camera and toggle through it, I also use:
    – my laptop (a Mac Book Air)
    – a portable table ( like those dinner tray tables)
    – a tether to connect laptop to camera

    This way I can see the shots in a larger format and can see right away IF: I need to stand more to the left/right, if something in the background doesn’t look right, if I don’t look right, etc. It’s A LOT of work to take pictures of one’s self so I don’t do it that often, but… ya gotta do what ya gotta do, you know?!


  3. Emily Friday

    Great tips!!
    As a fashion and beauty blogger, it’s always the extreme close-up make up shots that I find hard to achieve (as in ones I actually like), but taking lots and lots of photos helps a lot. You eventually get there and find your perfect angle and pose!

    All I need now is a better camera!

    Emily x

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