IFBcon Workshop Live Blog: Taking Control: How to Pitch the brands You Want


Workshop 6: Taking Control: How to Pitch the brands You Want brought to you by Bollare

Live-blogged by: Nicole La Mons of www.StilettoMomDiaries.com.

Blogging is about having a unique voice.

3 tips identifying your niche

1. What are you passionate about? What are your interests?

2. What will differentiate your blog? What makes your blog unique?

3. Connect with like minded bloggers. Find a community to engage and bounce ideas.


Q. When you are looking at a blog what do you look for?

A. As a brand (@Bollare) we get emails on a regular basis from bloggers looking to connect. Having the three points above is important.

Have a clear sense of identify and sense of self. Know how you would like to work with a brand prior to reaching out.

Q. How can I expand to a wider beauty niche?

A. As you dive into the industries you will hopefully find something your're really passionate about.

Q. How can we connect with brands via social media?

A. The traditional media relationships of PR and blogger is evolving. Social medial has equalized the relationship with PR and bloggers.

Don't think of yourself as new blogger. Follow brands on Twitter and Instagram and don't be afraid to reach out to them.

Media Kit

Those looking to work with brands. Its important to think of blogging as a business and maintaing a level of professionalism. Making investments at your blog (i.e. blog design) is an investment. Identify different styles as ways to enhance your blog as a business.

Having business cards is important. Bus cards help validate your blog as a business.

Q. How early is too early to create a media kit?

A. Think of your blog as a professional entity. Even when first starting having goals in mind (traffic, comments, posts) it will be helpful in making your site grow.

Q. What should be included in Media Kit?

A. Quick summary about your blog, what makes it unique, a little about yourself and help reader get excited about reading your blog. Additionally any concerer examples of past partnerships (giveaways or promotions on your blog).

Influence across social media platforms, building a presence on twitter, facebook, Pinterest etc. Those numbers will help you when you are trying to connect with brands.

Pitching your self

If you notice a brand is discussing style and you can offer input, it may peak their interest.



[Image Credit:Dustin Fenstermacher]

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  1. Nancy

    Thanks for sharing this. These are very useful tips. I’ve been nervous about
    contacting brands before, but I think I’ll have more success with these tips.

  2. MissDee

    Thank you for the tips…This is the one thing I’m a little bit afraid of…there are a couple of brands I would love to contact, I admire their work and have a lot of their items in my wardrobe and on my blog, but I don’t have enough confidence …When is the right time for a new blogger to make the first contact?