NYFW’s Buzziest Social Media Moment: Vine


You have to think that the folks at Vine (and Twitter) knew exactly what they were doing when they officially launched the animated image app just before New York Fashion Week began.

The app, which allows the user to take 6 second looping videos (that can be shot continuously or stop-start style by pressing your touch screen), was purchased by Twitter, giving it some serious muscle in advance of it's launch on iPhone.

We've mentioned time-and-time-again how hard it has been to make video easy, accessible and popular for bloggers, both traditionally (online) and socially (mobile). Viddy tried, Socialcam tried, and Vine succeed in less than two weeks. It's seamless integration into Twitter and unfussy user interface give Vine an edge over other mobile video platforms.

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Why has Vine been so successful, especially amongst the fashion set at NYFW? We asked some social media experts, bloggers and avid Vine-ers to share their insights.

John Jannuzzi, Contributing Digital Editor, Lucky Magazine:

“Vine gives fashion people another way to share what they're seeing. Obviously, it gives an entirely different dimension than an instagram or a twitpic. Showing clothes in motion, getting a full view of a finale, and capturing a full look as opposed to a single shot is much more interesting. Of course, everybody is still learning. Coco Rocha and Leandra Medine are predictably on top of it and we're very active with the platform at Lucky. No doubt many more will follow by next season. I think Coco even tweeted that it's the best method of sharing NYFW. A strong endorsement, but warranted.”

Annabelle Smith, Account Director, Digital Brand Architects:

“Vine's success could be attributed to its ability to capture the waning attention spans of millennials, offering super-short clips that are more entertaining than a tweet but still easy to absorb and browsable. Where other video apps such as SocialCam or Viddy introduced us to the concept of socializing video, Vine took it one step further by capitalizing on the increasing popularity of gifs, particularly in the blogging community, and gave anyone with an iPhone the tools to create 6 seconds of (usually) witty and entertaining content. NYFW offered the perfect stage for Vine, with influencers jumping on the platform and creating 6 second snapshots of the top runway shows. The stop-start nature of the app makes it possible to showcase an entire fashion show atmosphere or hone in on intricate design details – all in a matter of seconds.”

Justin Livingston, Scout Sixteen:

“While there have been a crop of video apps to arise over the past 6 months, Vine is the first with the ability to integrate seamlessly into your Twitter feed. There are still some kinks to work out, but I think overall it will be a beneficial way to bring static images (i.e. Instagram, TwitPic) into 2013.”

Rachel Seville, Pizza Rulez:

“Experiencing Fashion Week with Vine was akin to the “Just Around the River Bend” sequence in Pocahontas, because blurry, static runway pictures want you to be steady like the river. But the river–and fashion–are not steady at all. What's around the river bend for Fall 2013? Look Vine-wards, Pocahontas.”

Freddy Rodriguez, Blue Perk:

“Vine gives a full sensory view of the final walk, all elements of the final aesthetic are given. Until now we haven't been able to share that experience with our followers.”

We haven't seen a mobile app take off quite like this before, not to mention a video app, and it looks like Vine's future is bright. Undoubtedly there will be similar apps popping up in the near future, but with Twitter at their back, we think Vine will stay on top. (Mashable is already talking about “The Vine Effect.”)

Are you on Vine? What do you like or dislike about it? Share your thoughts about this new mobile video app below!


[Image credit: Dustin Fenstermacher]

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7 Responses

  1. Kalli

    I love it! Downloaded Vine last Thursday night and spent about 45 minutes just that night watching NYFW clips. It’s been an awesome way to get to see the shows! I love that it seems like everyone there is really utilizing Vine because there are so many videos of the same finale but all taken from different seats in the audience or even backstage.

  2. Kelsey Elisabeth Benedict

    I don’t have an iPhone/smart phone – and when I visited the website, there doesn’t seem to be a web-based way to use it. So I won’t/can’t hit it up.

  3. Chelsey

    I joined Vine a few days before fashion week because I figured that was the best time to dive right in and see it at its highest potential. I’m a big fan of it so far. It’s great for when a single shot doesn’t seem like enough to capture a moment.

  4. Stylonylon

    I absolutely love it! Once I got going I totally got it and it’s so addictive. And looking for people to follow so leave your link! I’m stylonylon