IFB Project #82 Round Up: Season of Love

Well here we are: Valentine's Day! I hope you're celebrating with someone you love or a lot candy. Or both. I absolutely aglow looking at all of the posts for this week's Valentine-themed project. There was a lot to love, pun intended! From gift ideas to recipes, love stories and thoughts on loving yourself – this round up is meant to share a little bit of everything sweet.


Because today is all about spreading the LOVE, I picked more than 10 entries:


Lake Shore Lady: Valentine's Day Style

Style on the Couch: Valentine's Day Gift Guide – Lingerie & Accessories

Hampton's Style: At Home: Be Mine?

Kathastrophal: Sweets for Your Sweetie {A Week Filled With Love}

Smashing Style: Valentine's Gifts For The Girls

The Chic Motivator: 5 Ways to Consciously Bring in Valentine's Day

Pish Posh Perfect: How To Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

DC in Style: Valentine's Day Breakfast

Flash[Frame]: Single? Date Yourself

Moi Contre La Vie: Valentine's Day Guide

Motestelle: 5 Free Gifts For Your Special Someone

Anne The Adventurer: Valentine's Day Intentions

Under a Veil: My Indian Love Story

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their hearts-and-love-filled posts, I encourage everyone to check out all the submissions here, and then come back on Saturday for a new project!

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2 Responses

  1. Jen

    I am not sure why these were considered the top links. Was this really the best out of the 70 some links entered? Some of the ones selected hardly had any written content, just a few Internet photos. A copy and pasted recipe on an outdated looking website is not something I care to read and I’m sure others would agree. Maybe this is why blog posts are becoming less about quality and more about just publishing anything, something. Because it seems like “the best” is chosen completely at random. I just lost a lot of respect for IFB’s editorial team.

  2. Anna

    Just wanted to let you know – you’ve spelt my website’s name wrong – it’s no.11 on the list; it should read:
    Modestelle: 5 Free Gifts For Your Special Someone

    Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you have a lovely day!