Livestreamed Shows are So Last Season: Topshop and Google Go Interactive

“Basic Livestreaming is so last season” says Susannah Edelbaum of The High Low. Which she is right, while it's nice not to stand in line, convince PRs and tweet away to watch a fashion show and stay at home (or sneakily in the office) on a Livestream. It's not nearly as exciting as being there. You don't get to focus on the pieces you like, much less get them collage ready for your next post.

Google and Topshop has partnered to bring you the full interactive experience of their Topshop Unique 2013 show. I've been to a few Topshop shows, and for a high street retailer, the do produce some of the most fun fashion shows to go to, with statement pieces, a cocktail reception before hand in grand, picturesque venues. The interactive experience will give us access to the “red carpet,” behind the scenes with models, designers, and bloggers, multiple angles to view the runway, even from the models perspective, and a collage tool you can share with your Google+ circles.

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 9.59.21 AM

So who knows, if the future is digital fashion is going this way…  maybe one day we'll actually prefer to stay home for fashion week?

(I'm only half kidding.)

Watch the Topshop Unique 2013  interactive fashion show Sunday, February 17th at 3pm, here.

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20 Responses

  1. Allison

    Google+ is totally taking everything to the next level. If you’re not on Google+ yet, you need to make it happen. Google+ conquered music with the first ever digital album signing with Ellie Goulding and now interactive fashion? I’m obsessed! I can’t wait until everyone fully jumps on board with Google+, I feel like it has kind of been slow to take off.

  2. Dunia

    I would never stay home for a fashion show. I think that the whole atmosphere when being there, is so much different. It might be fun re watching some shows, but not missing out on the whole experience.

  3. narda

    This is something I am looking forward, a Fashion Show that is showcasing all kinds of beauty wearing different and unique personality, outfit, and accessories. I am gonna try to do my own show, hope it would be soon!

  4. JMarieDirect

    I’m reading the comments from last year, and it’s like I’m on google+ and yet I’m not really ON google+. So if anyone would like to invite me to their google+ world. I still don’t understand where I should go after I open my profile page. And I’m on gmail and converted my chat to hangouts.

  5. Julietta

    What will ever be able to replace the unique experience of being out, getting public and meeting people at a fashion show? Never mind how good media performance might become in the future, they won’t be able to give us exactly what hands on experiences can do. You can watch a runway online, you may even be able to interact in it in the future – who knows? – but you will never be in that mood, only a crowd of people can create. Just because you need social interaction for that – in what way ever!

  6. Josefin Forsberg

    I find this solo exciting! I never shop online, but this really does take the countless hours I spend watching live-stream fashion shows to the next level!
    I ADORE IT! 😀