IFB Project #83: The Best Beauty Trends From NYFW

New York Fashion Week came to a close this week, with decidedly less fan-fair than we're used to – and it's kind of a good thing. Less social media insanity, less gossip, less big-name celebrities clogging up the seating situation at the shows. One aspect of NYFW that had no lack of drama? The beauty.


IFB Project #83: The Best Beauty Trend From NYFW


For this week's project, create a post that showcases your favorite beauty moments and trends from NYFW for Fall 2013. It could be hair, nails, lipstick – whatever struck you! Gather images, do sketches, make a collage or re-create the looks yourself with a tutorial. (Those are just a few ideas.) Submit your post below (and don't forget our guidelines, also below) by Wednesday morning, and we'll select our favorite 10 for the round up in the afternoon.

1. Your post must mention somewhere (it can be small and at the bottom if you like) that it is a submission for the IFB project, with a hyperlink to the IFB post.

2. Your post must have been created within the week that the project was posted.

The reason we are doing this is to make the project fair to those who put in effort to create original content for the project each week. If your post does not meet these criteria, it will not be chosen for the round up post. We want to encourage and inspire creativity in the community, so we hope that by making our guidelines more specific, the results will be even better!

[Image credit: The Cut]

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6 Responses

  1. Kali

    One of fashioners favorite time of the year…New York Fashion Week! A trend I saw simultaneously in fashion and beauty was lots of 90’s inspired looks. The grunge era’s brown lip especially back in action. Minimalism held it’s ground back then and will re-continue now, with browns and neutrals to keep you looking fresh, natural, and simple.

  2. Valentina Alessandra Mussi

    I loved the NYFW’s trends, the hairstyles, the electric blue eyes, the nail art. It’s not only about the clothing and models, they need something to complement their beautiful outfits. I’m talking about hairstyles and makeup.

  3. Sabina

    This is a cool idea. I probably won’t make the deadline since I found out about this late and my illustration posts take a while to complete, but I’m working on a post with this theme anyway.