Daily Inspiration: Don’t Pay Attention to Criticism


True story: In 2004, I had this idea to open a cupcake shop (called “Nice Cupcakes”) at the time, no one really ate cupcakes and thought it was a crazy idea. Insecure about my own vision, I listened, and guess what, the cupcake phenomenon exploded a year later and to this day there are cupcake shops all over the place. Those same people say to me, “Oh hey, remember when you wanted to open the cupcake shop and we called you crazy? Why did you listen to us?”

The moral of the story is, don’t worry about what other people say. They’re not always right.

The moral of the story is, don't worry about what other people say. They're not always right. Just because someone else makes an observation, you can either take it to heart or ignore it. Ok, if you're being a jerk and telling people you “love Hitler” (like Galliano did) maybe it's time to listen, but generally speaking a criticize is one person's point of view, and often times more about them than it is about you. Besides, if the weather listened to us grumbling and complaining, the world may not be anywhere near as beautiful as it is.

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  1. Maya

    This is such great inspiration! I’ve stopped myself from doing a number of things because of what others have said or thought.