Daily Inspiration: Stop Holding Yourself Back



Are you holding yourself back?

It's easy to say, “Of course not! I'm giving it my all!” While it may be true, there may be something that you are voluntarily not trying. Whether it be not learning photography, or getting personal on your personal blog. If you're afraid of blog about something because you don't know enough about it? Or afraid to say something that needs to be said. You're holding yourself back.

It can be nerve wracking to take that step into unknown territory, but without venturing into the unknown, it's hard to discover something new.

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6 Responses


    It’s the internet .. it’s a blog – no reason to hold yourself back.


  2. Shaniece

    This was a perfect post and I feel like it was directed towards me. I have been holding back from being consistent on my blog since my readership is still zero but after today’s post I will make a goal towards changing that! Great mini post

  3. Andrew

    To an extent- I think the best way to blog is like you have nothing to lose. Every blogger should cherish the fact that they have no deadlines and no boundaries. Everything is completely up to creative choice.


    • Emily

      Completely agree with you Andrew!

      In a way, I guess that’s the best thing about blogs – complete freedom. People should embrace that more and not take it for granted.