More is More: The How & Why of Promoting Posts More Than Once on Twitter


Sometimes in blogging, you've got to remember to think globally.

I somehow seem to easily forget that traffic to my blog (and yours!) actually comes from all over the world, not just New York or Seattle; not just in my time zone, or even my country.

Your global audience is why you need to take care to put some thought into when your posts go live, as well as when and how often you promote your content through social media – specifically Twitter. With Facebook or Instagram, repeat promos can feel really overwhelming because there's much less turnover in the feed.

With Twitter, your audience is logging in and scrolling through at different hours from different places. Think about it this way:

If your post goes live at 9 a.m. in New York City, that's 6 a.m. on the west coast, meaning your promotional tweet will likely be missed because your readers there are, well, probably still asleep. 9 a.m. in NYC is 2 p.m. in London, and 3 p.m. in Paris. In Australia, that's 1 a.m. the next day.

With social media tools like Hootsuite, you can easily schedule tweets in advance throughout the calendar. (No need to stay up all hours!) The boost in traffic you can get from multiple tweets is as much about you as it is about your audience: Think about your ads and affiliate links – more eyes on your content means more clicks, which means more possible sales and earnings for you.

After spending a little time with your Google Analytics demographics, figuring out smart times to promote your content isn't too difficult. (We've got some more info on that here.) What's actually kind of hard? Thinking of different ways to say the same thing, draw people in, pique their curiosity.

How do you keep your tweets from sounding repetitive?


Canned tweets are the worst, aren't they? If you wouldn't want to read it, don't write it! You've got to put your creative energy to work and come up with enticing cues for your followers. Always keep yourself in mind, too – what would make you click through? As an example, let's use a recent IFB post & it's tweets.

First tweet: Struggling to make $ w/ affiliate links on your blog? @shutupilovethat compared @rewardStyle & @shopstyle by the month:

Second tweet: Know your audience to earn more money w/ affiliates. Our editor compared 2 programs for a month each on her style blog:

Third tweet: Wondering what kind of affiliate program is right for your blog? @shutupilovethat compares @shopstyle vs. @rewardStyle:

These tweets are all similar, but each one makes a different point: making money, knowing your audience, and choosing a program. I mixed it up a bit, not using the handles of involved parties in every tweet, but used the same link to track the clicks. For IFB, we've found that questions are a great way to get followers excited or curious, because they want to know the answer, of course!

Here are some techniques to consider:

  • Pose a question that your post will answer. “Did you know…” or “Want to know how…”
  • State an interesting or astounding fact from your post, or that relates to the content.
  • Offer valuable advice or help. “Check out 3 ways to style…” or “Make your own…”
  • Inspire a feeling of need or desire. “


As a (soft) rule, I would put at least 3 hours between tweets promoting the same content, if not four or five. Think about the days to come as well. What will your readers be doing over the weekend? Does your content relate to a specific upcoming holiday or season?

*Also note: The size of your following and your typical tweet frequency is also important. If your only tweets for the day are three mentions of the same link, that's not very interesting for your followers.

Tweeting your posts more than once is a simple action with a big impact. Increased traffic, wider audience reach and potentially more earnings can all result from that little extra push.

How often do you promote your content on social media?

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18 Responses

  1. Elissa

    I don’t usually repeat a tweet to promote my posts, but this has me thinking I really should!

  2. erin (@erincg)

    this is a great topic for sure. i try not to overwhelm my followers with the same tweet about a post, so defo change up my delivery. i find that giving a teaser always gets the most clicks. x

  3. Rachel

    I’m British and because my life used to be in London almost 3/4 of my readers are in England. I live in Los Angeles now, and because of this I do know that I do have a lot of LA Twitter followers who don’t necessarily subscribe to my blog, but read it in passing. Because of this, it took me a while to figure out (the iPhone timezones part of the clock app really helps!) but I post my posts late at night so they are up at the beginning of the morning in the UK, which I know is one of the best posting times and Tweet about it then, but I also promo stuff when I know it is a bad time in the UK, but is a good time here in LA.

  4. Kajsa J. Andersen

    Normally I tweet once, as I thought that was the way to promote.
    Didn´t think that tweeting twice was an option.

  5. tasha

    These are good tips. I schedule my tweets throughout the day to make sure I touch points with all my readers and potential customers.

  6. Devon -

    Hmmm…I rarely tweet for the same article more than once on the same day. May spread them out a bit –
    I’d like to think that the majority of my posts aren’t so time specific that people would only be interested during a 1-2 day period – so having them find the article even a few days or weeks later would still trigger interest.


  7. Tiffy Diamond

    This is a great post for anything that you want to promote. I’m downloading hootsuite now because this is a way to really engage more of my followers.

  8. jkhosa

    I always thought posting the same info over and over would be considered as spam. Glad to hear its a common practice. Thanks