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We talk about the ways you can make a career from your blog, which is great, but what if you love blogging but don't want to be a professional blogger? While the obvious career paths include things like blogging for a brand, or being a Social Media Director.  One common, yet often forgotten career path for bloggers is that of a Fashion PR. When you stick around long enough, you'll notice the PR companies that tend to hire people with strong blogging backgrounds, which if you're looking for a new career and you have a an established blog and network of blog friends, this might be your calling.

IFB member and Fashion PR, Crosby Noricks, the voice behind PR Couture, is speaking at a two-day crash course in Fashion PR called Fashion Confidential to my attention. It includes 13 hours of workshops,  breakout sessions, activities, a workbook and critiques. It would be a great segue into building your PR resume, and even if you don't use it to get a job, you could use it to develop your brand and do your own PR.

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Yesterday, I talked with Crosby about how and why a blogger could take the Fashion PR career path:

What is a Fashion PR?

A fashion PR or fashion publicist manages the relationship between a brand and it's various audiences. In fashion, this often mean working with the media and stylists for press coverage or celebrity placement. However, it now also requires an ability to determine right message, right audience, and right platform – taking into account not just traditional media but social media and a brand's “owned media,” Fashion brands are increasingly looking emulate editorial content on their brand channels, and even bringing on former fashion editors to spearhead these efforts.

What skills to people need to be qualified as a Fashion PR?

Working in public relations requires critical thinking, problem solving and a “can-do” attitude. Strong media contacts and proficiency in different social platforms is important, as is the ability to develop multiple story angles and successfully gain the interest of the media, social customer, vendors and partners for mutual benefit.

Many people get into PR after working as Journalists, why do you think that is?

Being an excellent writer is an important part of the job, and for those who enjoy writing, public relations can offer a creative outlet. Additionally, being on the receiving end of PR pitches, and understanding the needs of a journalist, make them uniquely qualified to bring that firsthand experience to the table.

How would being a Fashion Blogger help you to be a good Fashion PR?

Successful fashion bloggers understand the importance of a strong brand identity and the power of an engaged network. Additionally, much like a journalist, the experience of being on the receiving end of PR pitches can provide a unique perspective when it comes to blogger partnerships and general what works/what doesn't work.

Can you share a few tips on how to break into the PR industry?

For many, the key to breaking in is to secure an internship, or short-term volunteer position at a PR agency. Social media has made it possible to connect with and reach out to PR agencies, and it can be beneficial to build relationships that way. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention my book, Ready to Launch, which was written precisely for entry-level PR practitioners looking to get their foot in the door. Fashion PR Confidential workshops, in partnership with Danika Daly PR, offer a unique workshop environment to better understand how it all works!


What's the one piece of advice you would give someone looking to get into PR?

Treat your own personal brand (blog, LinkedIn, Twitter) the way you would a client and focus on building a positive reputation among your colleagues, partners, publicists and brands. They way you stand out is by allowing what is uniquely you to shine. Also, never proclaim to a hiring manager that you have a “passion for fashion!”

*Speaking as someone who has hired people, it's true. Never, ever say you have a “passion for fashion” in a job interview.

For more information about the Fashion PR Confidential workshop, please click here.

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17 Responses

  1. Karyn Wilde

    This post is very accurate and informative for someone that would be seeking a job in the Public Relations field. I am currently a senior PR major and if I’ve learned anything over my four years of study, it’s that you must be able to WRITE. Many people get into PR because of the contacts and the excitement of meeting entertainers (depending on your PR specialty) but if you aren’t committed to excelling at being a writer, this isn’t a field for you.

  2. Asia Mays

    Great incite. This allows those who are looking to take their blog into the next realm..further. Giving them the understanding or helping rather, with focusing on the Who, What, When, Why and How. Great read.

  3. Abigail

    As a current college PR major, I love this! Crosby is such an inspiration and I read PR Couture daily. However, I do hear over and over again about the importance of blogs if you want to enter the PR industry in general and especially the fashion PR industry and I’m sitting over here… blogless. Just wondering if Crosby or IFB had any advice specific to aspiring publicists looking to start a blog. Thanks a lot!

  4. tasha

    Great post. I think bloggers should look past just the one stream of income. Where can your blog take you. Emily became an author. There are so many opportunties out there. I have a degree in PR and it helps me so much, when it comes to running my business.

  5. fashionbabe

    I don’t get it… What’s wrong with saying that you have a “passion for fashion?”

    • Bike Pretty

      When I was hiring my fashion content editors, I automatically threw out any cover letters that mentioned a “passion for fashion.”

      If you have a real passion for fashion, you know how cliché that phrase is.

  6. Maggie A

    I absolutely ADORE Crosby Noricks. Her book was so helpful. It was the main reason why I started blogging seriously rather than being a silent blogger.

    Maggie A
    Love Scrapbook

  7. Julissa Perez

    This was very helpful as I am going to school for management and human resources and always wanted to double major in public relations. This definitely helped me decide. great stuff!

  8. Giselle Adriana

    This is definitely one career in the fashion industry that I would love to have. I am doing tons of research and positioning, so this post was very helpful

  9. DSM

    This is so poorly written, readers might wonder where the blogger learned PR. China or India is my guess.

  10. Yna

    Fashion PR is definitely one of my top career choices after graduating from my business school. Hopefully my marketing degree and blogging will prepare me enough to snag a job in the cutthroat fashion industry – even if it doesn’t, at least I know to never ever say “passion for fashion.”